The Skastitutes

The Skastitutes


We are a reel big fish influenced ska band with a strong reggae influence. The Skastitutes are a fun, fast paced, dance inducing band with a tight, memorable sound.


The Skastitutes are made up of five University of Maine Orono students that came together with the common goal of bringing reggae and ska music to the locals of Orono and Bangor, Maine. The ska-style guitar riffs mold perfectly with the explosive brass accompaniment and seamlessly encourage unison bounces in every crowd. We are the campuses go to band for shows and events at the University as well as many local bars in the area.The talent and charisma of our five members shows through in every song and is almost mystically transferred into show-goers, whom are always finding themselves dancing along to the fast-paced tempo of the song. all in all we are a high energy band that gives the energy to the crowd through every song. "Skango" lines are always found at The Skastitutes' shows


Days Are Numbered
No Time
Aaron Barett
Late At Night
and many more...

Set List

Always changing and always adding new material. No two shows are the same.