The Skedaddlers

The Skedaddlers


The music is our brand of "alternative country", including sweet melodies with a rock and roll edge. We considered the idea of changing around "alt. country" to say "alternative count.", but decided against it.


The Skedaddlers mix their influences of Rock and Roll, Folk, Old Country, Rockabilly and to form something a little different than the standard Alt Country heard from most bands today. Much like the Old 97’s their brand of slacker country include clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and a hot guitar sharp enough to cut through the cuteness to leave you with an up beat song, but not the bitter aftertaste of too much sugar. The charm of their simple songs is the harmonies and balance of the two main voices. While Acorn, the prominent writer adds a voice with much character, Hughes polishes the rough edges away with a clean and crisp voice. The end result is a vocal package much like Blue Rodeo. Each song is a character and a story all in one. Although they don’t like to use the “C” word (country) due to the emergence of new country and hot country like Shania and Garth, they do adhere to the original characteristics of the old country styles: sincerity, pain, and bittersweet ironies.


Skedaddlers - Conveyer Belt of Dreams

Set List

We have two hours of material. Here's a sample.

A Wonder
Right Twice A Day
I Never Played Hockey
The Government Owns Your Ditch
If You Ever Cross The Line
In Case There's A Next Time
In The Shadows of Your Smile