the Skeeballs

the Skeeballs


"Stateline Rock'N'Roll"


Sounds Like “Rock’N’Roll from the bottom of the whiskey bottle.”

Band Members Roc: Vox/guitar, Tack: Guitar/Vox, Stew: Bass/Vox, Gabe: Drums.

Formed @ the turn of the 21st century from the ashes of Captain Jimmy Coat and the Fab Five. Play MidWest Stateline Rock'N'Roll.

Influenced by the punk rock styles the likes of Alkaline Trio & Rocket from the Crypt and Social Distortion, as well as eclectic song writers such as Tom Waits. The band in person give off a vibe more that of Rocket with a look & attitude more greaser punk than many of their songs would imbue.


Hidden away Northern Illinois Rock’N’Roll band the Skeeballs come to you straight from their practice space a converted ground floor bar below a plush lounge. A bit of irony soaked style not lost on the lyrics of many of the groups songs (wiskey appearing in numerous titles). This stuff is basic Rock’N’Roll though not necessarily an authentic retro sound those bits are still in the mix along w/ some punked up speed.
-Bob MacAphee