The Skeetons

The Skeetons


The Skeetones creatively mix some of the world's greatest music genres such as Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Classical, Latin, Swing, Metal, and other various types, and by doing so creates some of the best music to get your dance fix in for the day


The Skeetones have been playing together for almost three years. While the band's name has changed quite a few times, the music is still written with the same excitement and creativity as it always has been. While the Skeetones have always mixed almost every genre of music known to man, recently they have added a DJ/Hip-hop element, making their music more modern and even more unique.


We are in the process of recording our first full length album with Chris Schmidt (Chick Pimp, the Terrors) and Ben Cochran (Chick pimp) of Soap Float Recording, which should be completed and released by June 2009. Until then, you can listen to our demo which was recording at CCM's studio. Also, listen for us on UC's Bearcast radio

Set List

King Louie
Chop Funk
Rodeo Clown
The Clap
General Sherman
Pirates Song
Tyler's Durden
I came to get Down
Kiss the Sky
Corner Store
Best if used by now
Egyptian Espionage
Dance Party
Goin' Fishin
Death Metal Cowbell
Adjust Your Eyes
Hey Bulldog (The Beatles)
Revolution (The Beatles)
Make it Happen (Pretty Lights)
How Naked Are we Gonna' Get? (The Blow)
Bananas and Blow (Ween)