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The Skeetons @ Rivertowne Bar and Grill

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Skeetons @ Adjust Your Eyes Music Festival

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Skeetons @ The Mad Frog

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



It is time for a change of scenery this Halloween. Instead of going to the same costume party with the same people and the same beer, go to Holy Grail, off of Short Vine, and check out The Skeetones.

Live music and costume contests with a $30 bar tab prize will always beat the cops breaking up a Clifton party.

The Skeetones consist of Shawn Bosse (guitar and lead vocals), Cole Brokamp (turn tables and percussion), Robby Brokamp (percussion), Mike Lees (guitar), Tyler Magnarini (keys), and David Sweitzer (bass), all of whom graduated from Anderson High School and five of whom attend UC.

The band, formally known as Dr. Feelgood and the Skeetones, has been playing live for almost two years. With gigs ranging from house parties on West Clifton to headliner at the Southgate House, The Skeetones are building a solid word of mouth following.

Guitarist Mike Lees defines the band as, “a melting pot of drunken fury,” which probably coincides with the bands tendency to enjoy a drink or two while playing. This only adds to the theatrics and humor of the band.

Bosse’s rants and raves not only crack up the audience, but bewilder those who don’t know him.

Speaking of the audience, most of them are made up of their friends, but that’s only because they are so personable. After a show they’ll have a drink with anyone who digs their music.

It’s hard not to dig at least one aspect of their music. They infuse washboards, maracas, the Tango, jazz piano, electric drums, heavy distortion and saxophone to their style.
Songs tend to exceed beyond five minutes and can even reach 20 minutes, but that all depends on the groove of the audience.

The more the audience puts in, the more the band puts out.

They play a few covers: “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors, “Shakedown Street” by Grateful Dead, and “Revolution” by The Beatles, just to name a few. These are crowd favorites, who doesn’t love good old classic rock?

The musical library of The Skeetones grows every week with their practices. Originals like “Tyler’s Durden” and “Corner Store” demonstrate the bands’ originality. Every instrument they get their hands on further fuels creativity.

“Pirate Song” has a very interesting quote from the film Hook that adds to the quirkiness of the Skeetones.

Influences vary from Umphrey’s McGee to the obscure Mr. Bungle, which blends into a funky, casual, electro-jazz rock that the band calls their own. No one can say their music is a copy of someone else, merely imitations derived from their unique collective persona.

Their Halloween show begins at midnight and is 18 and up. Knowing the band, they will probably play for two hours or more.

- Alex Roettgers - The News Record. Thursday, October 30, 2008.


We are in the process of recording our first full length album with Chris Schmidt (Chick Pimp, the Terrors) and Ben Cochran (Chick pimp) of Soap Float Recording, which should be completed and released by June 2009. Until then, you can listen to our demo which was recording at CCM's studio. Also, listen for us on UC's Bearcast radio



The Skeetones have been playing together for almost three years. While the band's name has changed quite a few times, the music is still written with the same excitement and creativity as it always has been. While the Skeetones have always mixed almost every genre of music known to man, recently they have added a DJ/Hip-hop element, making their music more modern and even more unique.