the skeeves

the skeeves

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

The Skeeves over the past couple years have developed a sound as unique as Texas swagger and diverse as the lone star weather, with raw elements of early post punk mixed with indie electronic soul. A disturbing yet appealing sound is created giving YOU the unique experience that is the Skeeves.


Take a chunk of late 70's punk rock, cut it with some strong HiFi percussion, and then finally snort it up with witty, although sometimes disturbing lyrics and you have a very strange sensation called The Skeeves. It’s clear when you listen to their new self-titled album “The Skeeves,” the band has a wide range of influences. Unlike several bands that hone just one particular type of sound, The Skeeves’ sound is a bit more erratic and chaotic. This turns out to be a nice change from bands that you can no longer tell one song from another. Not to say there isn’t a definite uniqueness to the sound of the band; almost each song has its own flavor. One reason for this is that the members of the band often rotate instruments.
Though they pass the instruments around, The Skeeves mostly consist of Ryan Junior – drums, Vic Girth – bass, Lyle Packer – rhythm guitar/vocals, and Ryan Birmingham – lead guitar/vocals. Together Junior and Girth have created a blend of smooth, hard pounding drum beats with wicked bass lines that feel as if you are being shocked by a constant low voltage through the tongue. Layer that with razor sharp leads and rumbling LoFi rhythms reminiscent of pre-80s punk bands, then finish it off with lyrics that have the ability not only to put a smile on your face but also a shiver down your spine. With subject matter ranging from the good ol’ times all the way to molestation and incest. It is no surprise that their debut album has no problem giving the listener the skeeves.


"The Skeeves" - 2011

Set List

Title Unknown
Dancing Gravedigger
Strippers for Jesus
Turn out the Lights
I'm Blue

(set can be tailored to any time slot - if needed we have 11 album tracks and currently around 7-8 that we can play live that were created after the album)