The Skellies

The Skellies

 London, England, GBR


Not a similar band as such but the ole Huyton punk Mavers would dig them, and i hear, probably just me, the same kind of glorious doom in the likes of 'Failure' and 'Calling All'.

If you like the Shambles and 77 punk you will love this lot.

BugBear bookings:

Bristling and twangy garage nuanced punk workouts with a suitably snotty dropped aitches vocal and a 60s vibe, bloody good. Just a 3 piece, pitch themselves neatly between The Cramps, Dead Kennedys and The Fall thru a proper London punk vocal...great!

Live Unsigned:

Angry, attitude filled lyrics declaimed in the manner of Mark E. Smith and energetic, insistent punk riffing, sometimes sounding like The Clash or The Buzzcocks, sometimes more like The Dead Kennedys, always fraying at the edges just like punk should. The Skellies have their moments of experimental weirdness too, but mostly this is straightahead sweaty mosh fodder, which is always pleasing.

Ball busting unsigned garage punk trio The Skellies will have you screaming out for more. With manic riffs, driving bass lines, four to the floor beats & the slurs of a modern day beat poet. Nods to fans of The Fuzztones, Strange House, Joy Division & even a slither of Arctic Monkeys.