The Skivies

The Skivies

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Underground Rock + Indie Rock = Undie Rock!


Westword readers have bestowed three honors upon The Skivies: "Best Avant-Garde band" (2007), "Best Art/Progressive Rock band" (2008), and "Best Progressive Rock band" (2010).

The Skivies emerged on The Denver scene in 2003 and have been crafting an eclectic world all their own ever since. Their debut full-length CD "Between Appliance and Apparel" arrived in September 2007. They have also appeared on 2 compilation CDs, the DARC Vol. 1 (featuring bands from the Denver Art Rock Collective) and the Denver Local Music Sampler Vol.1 (featuring great local hard/progressive rock bands including, Vices I Admire, 19ADD, The Future is Broken and others).
The Skivies' latest album Lorem Ipsum (2011) is now available on iTunes or in physical form at shows.


Agents (2004 live EP)
Writhing in Magnets (2005 EP)
Between Appliance and Apparel (2007)
Voyeur With a Cataract
Lorem Ipsum (2011)
Lithuim Grin

Set List

Typical set lists can range from 45 min to 2 hour's depending on the venues need.
Music can range from heavy rock to ambient also depending on the venue and bills requirement.
Music is mostly originals with a few covers thrown in
on occasion. The Skivies over the years have built their bag of tricks to carry as much as 30 songs.