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The Skivies

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos




The art-damaged psychedelia perpetrated by the infamous Butthole Surfers is pretty much impossible to imitate. No one who's seen the band live has ever been the same after experiencing the maddening sonic onslaught and disturbing projections. The Skivies (due at 15th Street Tavern this Friday, August 4, alongside Action Friend and Prolly) explore similar realms of nightmarish experimentalism. Singer and provocateur Cozmo Brown twists and tweaks his vocals with a large electronic box that he calls "the Brain" (and that is clearly inspired by "Gibbytronix"). With sinister lyrics about social dysfunction and the folly of humankind, Cozmo and company's inspired mélange of progressive rock and mind-altering eclecticism mates Suicide's pioneering use of electronics with Chrome's evil, atmospheric guitar tones. The result is a sound that would make the members of Mr. Bungle do a double take. Live, the band's improvisational song structures allow a freedom that keeps its sets fresh and intriguing. Possessing a keen sense of theater and the absurd, the Skivies make beautiful music for ugly children.
- The Westword

"Album Review"

Their moniker may sound jokey, but the Skivies are more than a novelty. The humor on Between Appliance and Apparel has a dark edge that matches the heavier-than-expected music.

Despite vocalist/gadgeteer DJ Von Feldt's opening declaration that "I feel like 40/But I'm only pushing 28," the lead track, "Goat Head," exhibits no signs of exhaustion. To the contrary, the song barrels ahead at an aggressive pace, goosed by random sound effects that add a hint of aural anarchy to the proceedings. "Voyeur With a Cataract" is just as uncontrolled, with guitarist Zahari Tzigularov amping up the story of a woman who "watches porn with the subtitles on," while "Hearding Cats" uses racks of riffs sure to freak out the feline of your choice.

Those are the chances you take when you put on the Skivies. - Westword

"Movers and Shakers of 2007"


The Skivies, Between Appliance and Apparel (Self-released). The Skivies have finally captured their hard-edged, contortionist, trippy soundscapes on record. Burroughs would applaud their edgy lyricism and surreally poetic song titles. This is creatively ambitious metal with punk's disregard for convention — a fine mating of dadaesque aesthetics and heavy music steeped in imagination and mathematically precise, but never tightly controlled, rhythms. — Murphy - Westword

"Alice in Acidland!"

"With the band's psychedelic rock style... you've got a night where you may have to go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall, to call you a cab at the end of the evening..." -

"A Truly Strange Experience!"

"The Skivies is a truly strange band that doesn't fit in anywhere. They have a kind of dark, avant garde rock sound and the only band I can compare them to, without much accuracy, is Chrome and Helios Creed's solo material. - Tom Murphy, Spirit of 1848 Records

"It's pretty amazing"

"The Skivies playing is tight, which is a must in my opinion if you're going to play this style of music... The music itself seems to produce an overall 'effect' as opposed to setting up any tonal conflicts/resolutions. Overall, I enjoyed the rawness of this track and will definitely give it a third, fourth, and fifth listen... It's pretty amazing." -


Agents (2004 live EP)
Writhing in Magnets (2005 EP)
Between Appliance and Apparel (2007)
Voyeur With a Cataract
Lorem Ipsum (2011)
Lithuim Grin



Westword readers have bestowed three honors upon The Skivies: "Best Avant-Garde band" (2007), "Best Art/Progressive Rock band" (2008), and "Best Progressive Rock band" (2010).

The Skivies emerged on The Denver scene in 2003 and have been crafting an eclectic world all their own ever since. Their debut full-length CD "Between Appliance and Apparel" arrived in September 2007. They have also appeared on 2 compilation CDs, the DARC Vol. 1 (featuring bands from the Denver Art Rock Collective) and the Denver Local Music Sampler Vol.1 (featuring great local hard/progressive rock bands including, Vices I Admire, 19ADD, The Future is Broken and others).
The Skivies' latest album Lorem Ipsum (2011) is now available on iTunes or in physical form at shows.