The Skunky Bunch

The Skunky Bunch

 Salem, Oregon, USA

"This is a band of skunk smokin' funkateers with an edgy new age twist on nostalgic grooves...& some seriously funky originals"

-Abstract Rude


The Skunky Bunch is a high energy funk band with an eclectic mix of influences. The six-piece band performs covers of artists such as George Clinton, The Isley Brothers, and Busta Rhymes and brings just as many funky originals. The group, comprised of music majors, are all multi-instrumentalists. Performances feature a tight always danceable rhythm section, funky horns, and soulful vocals combined with anything from talk box to theremin and creating an unforgettable sound.

Set List

Set A
Reefer Madness
Pass the Courvoisier
Thank You Falettinme be mice elf agin
Not Just Knee Deep
Thank You Uncle George
Pass the Skunk
More Bounce
Do it
3 x's the Fun

Set B
Let Me Be the One Who Done It To You
Ain't Nothin' to Funk Wit
The Family Skunk
Between the Sheets
Willie the Pimp
Clubs in OR
She's a Bad Mamma Jamma
If You Want Me To Stay

Set C & extras
What is Skunky
I AIn't Mad At Ya
Ain't Nothin' but A Jam Y'all
Let's Go Get Stoned
Get the Funk Out Ma Face
Caress Me Down
Woo Ha
Girl You Got Me
I Ain't Drunk
Fat Cats Bigga Fish
Pick up the Pieces
Space Oddity
What Kind of Woman is This