The Sky and The Execution

The Sky and The Execution


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Midwest Movement
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Redeeming Value of Knives

Written By: Nathan Forcey

This blood on our hands. This mark. Of safety. We welcome the blood on our faces. The shame. Of ages. We win for lack of persistance. The structure. Has fallen. A generation content in their failure. Generation failure. Your blood. On our hands. Your ghost. Our witness. Your arms. Hold our dreams. Your loss. Taken in vein. Raising. The last of a dying breed. Forgive. And lay your knives upon me. We embrace the one who will take us from this illusion. That everyone will forget after execution. We lose ourselves when we mask our debts in redemption. We'll find our way alone. This blood on our hands is our own.

3,000 Days in Isolation

Written By: Nathan Forcey

Knives. Guns. Reactions. Knives. Guns. Reactions. Your eyes. Your faith. You see through shame. Your arms. Your truth. You hold the strength. Your voice. Your change. You act on words. Your move. Your time. You're threatening the lives of the damned. Are they listening. Is it going as you've planned. Where do we begin. Our days are numbered. This sequence of events. Do you know what it is to suffer. Outside lost love. We're outside the petty betrayal. Outside gluttony. Do you know what it is to suffer. Knives. Guns. Reactions. You're threatening. And you're losing ground. Are they listening. When you don't make a sound. We are asleep. Behind the wheel. Behind the times. We are asleep. Behind the wheel. Behind the times.

For Every Wretch That Walks Alone

Written By: Nathan Forcey

Skies falling. For the last time. This is the one that ends it all. Tried calling. But they're fine. So don't you give it another thought. So far from anything. You've ever seen before. You've lost everything. Just to give a little bit more. The past is settling. A score you thought was fading. You'd give them anything. Just to stop the one you're betraying. So bring back this lost soul. The cuts are deep and there's salt for the wounds. Ropes and gallows. They've got a plan. To end it all soon. I would not trade this. For every tear you shed. I won't betray this. Until every martyr has been fed. You are the last hope. For every wretch that walks alone. Take the best of me. And spread the ashes. You wanted to believe. Your demons have been freed. Treat them well. There's nothing left of me. There's nothing left for me.


"Tonight These Words Will Suffocate Us" (2006 Midwest Movement)