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The Sky life


THE SKY LIFE is a look into the hearts of people. As a band we really work hard at creating our music in a way that others can connect with it meaningfully. We do this by an effective blend of rock and Electronic/ambient sounds mixed with an acoustic band foundation. Happy listening!


Brand new album from THE SKY LIFE

THE SKY LIFE have a brand new album and a sterling new single that will absorb you and instantly grab your ear. “Roots and Wings” is introducing itself to the world by way of the song “Reflective eyes,” which epitomizes the dare-you-to-pigeonhole us pop rock of THE SKY LIFE.

“Reflective eyes” folds together a number of musical aspects – alternative, singer-songwriter, acoustic and poptronica, indie and more – into a brand new creation. The song is a poignant, melodic excursion into the hearts of Justin Carter, Bobby Kuhl, Dwight Werbicki, Daniel Hooft and Josh Steffen – the artists that make up the membership of THE SKY LIFE.

Both organic and electrically charged, brimming over with ambiance, personality and emotional resonance, “Reflective eyes” dips into the tender feelings of the human heart and boasts music to complement. It reveals a batch of songcrafters interested in winning fans – but not through sizzle-for-a-second cutout copycat music.

Rather, THE SKY LIFE is focused on rich melodies and thoughtful lyrics meant to bring out something special in the listener. Far from the typical rock out and sing along music, THE SKY LIFE's songs are intended to cause reflection, inspiration and emotional intensity.

Structurally, this is accomplished through a careful melding of ambient synths, piano, guitars and percussion which, according to THE SKY LIFE, “belt out their own songs and lyrics, thoughtfully crafted to connect.”

Twenty-two-year-old guitarist and vocalist Justin Carter hails from Alberta, Canada. Kuhl, 21, was originally a drummer but now serves as pianist for THE SKY LIFE. Josh Steffen, 23, has recently joined the group playing drums. Dwight also calls Alberta home. He is 25 and plays the bass. Daniel From medicine Hat, AB plays lead guitar for the group.

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Reflective eyes

Written By: Justin Carter

Reflective eyes Pretentious fraud guaranteed your love dear. Pompous at best, modest to the rest. Too many words coming out of your mouth friend lets wrap this up and we’ll both be sane. This city is lit only half of the time by reflective eyes. Healthy respect for human condition. Unverified but my research shows. This city’s lit have the time by reflective eyes. Bring the foot soldiers in, one at a time. Strewn buildings spread across a street. Scattered messages on the wall. Display our person unfiltered. Empty lungs trying to hold a tune they yell.

Neon Stars

Written By: Justin Carter

Neon stars The perfumed rain that’s far from innocent has come back again to split this town, into two. The obstacle stands but doesn’t stand a chance on where it sits and over again, it’ll swallow us up. Under neon stars, there’s something about this place and living under neon lights that has me saying that I never knew, and I want to go but I won’t go. My dreams are in a video. That’s made me love all over again. The one to call me home has gotta be peace a fantasy far past concrete to something warm. To some power is guns to some self control but either way it’ll swallow us up. And we’ll be healed.

Cosmic butterflies

Written By: Justin Carter

Cosmic butterflies Your eyes look old, life painted grey in your hair and thoughts. You died for a cause and even though it seems that you’ve failed me. You beauties’ left no one behind but yourself.
Hold up my hands and let me see into your face, and know you’re truly mine. Let the pain inside of me not be in you too. Back against the wall. Calming is the wind that warmly brushes up against my skin. At one time this air in another gave life to their limbs. And maybe their cause was great as well; maybe it had to do with you.


Written By: Justin Carter

Ghost Do you believe in ghosts? Cause he just rolls like that. You won’t see him much anymore. It depends. Its when he feels the pressure around him builds. Just when you think he’d cry just like the rest of us –That’s when he starts to hunt, I’m sure he’ll find me wherever I lay my head. And I’ll never fall asleep cause I knew he doesn’t rest. My Ghost drops crying but doesn’t forget his place and takes off and my breath is that cold smoke. That rises up. Now let me explain. I rise up with him. I can only go so far till I leave him with a breath. And the fleeting air rises up with him. And so will you, with whatever controls you.


The making of a city - Released in 2004
single - Amnesty (secret song included on Dimes and Discourses)

Dimes and Discourses - Nov.7th 2008
Single - "Creator"

2008 - Lights and Electricity, christmas '08

Oct.16th 2009 - Roots and Wings
Singles - "Neon Stars", "Reflective eyes" and "Spinning Around".

Neon Stars Video, Nov. 09

Set List

We play mainly original songs off our records. generally our set list is 45 minutes long. we do play some covers of bands such as Goo Goo dolls, smashing pumpkins and death cab for cutie if the occasion calls for it.