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"Rock and"

“Could this album be one that I can load on to my ipod and reflect while feeling the cold waves swallow my feet as I am lying on the beach, in Tahiti or maybe use it as a great musical backdrop for a low key party. Maybe both? Either way this is album creates a great escape for us when we need to run from the world mentally. "The Sky Life" has written music that opens the soul so it can be refreshed and rejuvenated. From the pulsating melody of "Something larger" to love themed "Romantic Memories" Dimes and Discourses is an album every soul desires.” – Rock and

- Rock and

"THE SKY LIFE in Youthink Magazine"

How did you first form as a band?
I started THE SKY LIFE in 2004 as a solo artist, released "The Making of a City", and realized I'd need help.

-I met Bobby Kuhl (the drummer until I heard him play piano!), Josh Steffen (drums) and Lindsay Thompson (bass) online. We've been together since December 2007.

What do you think about your latest release?

-"Dimes and Discourses" blends electronic sounds and synths but maintains an organic acoustic feel. The single Creator is catching ears locally and across the border. We feel the music is really universal.

If you were stranded on an ice floe of the coast of Greenland, what would be on your iPod?

-I'm in love with Pompeii, which blends rock and classical wonderfully. E for Explosion works synths like nobody's business. Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, The Weepies, Angels and Airwaves, Copeland, Death Cab for Cutie ..

Tell me about yourselves - passions for bizarre vegetables or other instruments ..

-Drums are my favorite. I mean, your whole body's into it. That's cool. I have a passion for recording ... And vegetables, but only with cheese sauce.

-Bobby Kuhl enjoys music, walking in the snow in his underwear and the occasional bathtub of scented oils (but not veggies, unless dipped in chocolate - strange, I know, we think so too).


-The name is about moving on and living above the norm. There is nothing a person can't do if they are willing to work for it. Take over the world, but be nice about it, will you?

What change do you hope to inspire with your music?

-I love music because it can influence, inspire, cause reflection, drive emotion. Music can be used for good: ours tries to inspire that change.

-If there were a zombie apocalypse, what would you do?
Arm my house with surround sound, playing Enya 24/7. By the time the zombies got to my door all they would want to do is hug and burn incense.

Anything else?

-We hope our music strikes a chord in you. Watch for our 2009 release "One Is Roots, The Other Is Wings".

-Cora denHartigh

- Youthink Magazine

"THE SKY LIFE - Lacombe Globe"

"Not your usual repertoire of pop songs and ACDC cover. Blending together their own unique sound, Theskylife is surprisingly and refreshingly original".

-modern Rock Winnipeg
Printed in the "Lacombe Globe" - Winnipeg's modern Rock Station

"Froglix Radio Review"

As one peruses the list of artists that are currently part of our global broadcast here at Froglix, it’s easy to see that our neighbors to the north are fairly well represented. What is also readily apparent is that from the hard driving sound of 22nd Century to the groovy ska riddims of Rude City Riot, the Great White North’s indie music scene is a veritable smorgasbord of sound. So what’s on the menu this week? Edmonton, AB’s The Sky Life who join the broadcast with selections from their most recent disc Roots and Wings. With this their second studio offering, Justin Carter (vox|guitar), Daniel Hooft (lead guitar), Bobby Kuhl (keys), Josh Steffen (drums) and Dwight Werbicki (bass) have channeled the collective sum of their creative talents and successfully crafted an album that is truly inspiring. While theirs is a collage of sound it’s not without balance as the aforementioned players compliment each other quite well. Luscious layers, memorable hooks and a solid performance add to inventive lyrics that are anything but cookie cutter and speak to that which is real for all of us. Enjoy!

- Drago - Froglix radio


“Unique instrumentation with a cool combination of acoustic instruments with more electronic textures. A very enjoyable listen”! –Taxi - Taxi

"THE SKY LIFE, feature artist for punk 101 winnipeg"

“I must say…The sky life has a very unique and atmospheric sound, my girlfriend loves it already!” – Kris Jonasson the fantastic from punk 101 radio in Winnipeg. - Punk Radio 101 in Winnipeg

"Editors Pick on"

The sky life has been choosen as “editors pick” on ( -

"A&R Select artist review"

“The sky life’s tracks are a set of well written indie pop tracks with strong ambiance. Excellent songwriting, performance, and production on this CD all the way through. Impressive vocal work as well!” –A&R select - A&R Select


The making of a city - Released in 2004
single - Amnesty (secret song included on Dimes and Discourses)

Dimes and Discourses - Nov.7th 2008
Single - "Creator"

2008 - Lights and Electricity, christmas '08

Oct.16th 2009 - Roots and Wings
Singles - "Neon Stars", "Reflective eyes" and "Spinning Around".

Neon Stars Video, Nov. 09



Brand new album from THE SKY LIFE

THE SKY LIFE have a brand new album and a sterling new single that will absorb you and instantly grab your ear. “Roots and Wings” is introducing itself to the world by way of the song “Reflective eyes,” which epitomizes the dare-you-to-pigeonhole us pop rock of THE SKY LIFE.

“Reflective eyes” folds together a number of musical aspects – alternative, singer-songwriter, acoustic and poptronica, indie and more – into a brand new creation. The song is a poignant, melodic excursion into the hearts of Justin Carter, Bobby Kuhl, Dwight Werbicki, Daniel Hooft and Josh Steffen – the artists that make up the membership of THE SKY LIFE.

Both organic and electrically charged, brimming over with ambiance, personality and emotional resonance, “Reflective eyes” dips into the tender feelings of the human heart and boasts music to complement. It reveals a batch of songcrafters interested in winning fans – but not through sizzle-for-a-second cutout copycat music.

Rather, THE SKY LIFE is focused on rich melodies and thoughtful lyrics meant to bring out something special in the listener. Far from the typical rock out and sing along music, THE SKY LIFE's songs are intended to cause reflection, inspiration and emotional intensity.

Structurally, this is accomplished through a careful melding of ambient synths, piano, guitars and percussion which, according to THE SKY LIFE, “belt out their own songs and lyrics, thoughtfully crafted to connect.”

Twenty-two-year-old guitarist and vocalist Justin Carter hails from Alberta, Canada. Kuhl, 21, was originally a drummer but now serves as pianist for THE SKY LIFE. Josh Steffen, 23, has recently joined the group playing drums. Dwight also calls Alberta home. He is 25 and plays the bass. Daniel From medicine Hat, AB plays lead guitar for the group.

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