the skywire project

the skywire project


From teenaged, to early middle aged, from rock, to blues, to a little R & B - it all comes together to glorify our Creator!


An electrical wire conducts power (electricity) from the generator to the device needing that power. The wire is not the source of the power, it is the means of delivery from the source to the device. So it is with the skywire project. Our job is to be a 'wire in the sky' through which the Spirit flows to deliver the power (God's love) from the above (God) to the below (the hearts of His creation).


Take Your Pain Away

Written By: Doug Peterson, Leah Clark

Take Your Pain Away (D. Peterson/L. Clark)

I wish I could take your pain away
I wish I could give you a blue-sky day
In your heart

I wish I could make it all okay
(When they) turn their backs and walk away
from your smile

My arms are only big enough to wrap around you
And it breaks my heart if hurting you is all I seem to do

If I could You know I would
Make the hurt go away
(So I’ll) lift you up To God above
And trust you to His perfect love
Knowing someday… He’ll take all your pain away

I hear you crying in the night
I wish I could make everything all right
Here and now

I wish I could fill that empty place
But what goes there is a choice you’ll make
on your own

My arms are only big enough to wrap around you
And it breaks my heart when loving you is all that I can do

Rest yourself in the loving arms of Jesus
He’ll give you peace that I could never bring
Wrap yourself in the love of our Savior
He’ll bring you joy… for eternity

Waiting on You

Written By: Doug Peterson, Leah Clark

Waiting on You (D. Peterson/L. Clark)
I know that You know what is best
I know that You have some master plan
I wish that sometimes You would just
Share some infinite wisdom with this finite woman

It sure would make me smile
If You’d give me just an inch when I’m beggin’ for a mile

Waiting on You is making me crazy
And I don’t know what to do
Waiting on You, running full speed into stillness
And it takes all of my energy to
Keep waiting on You

You don’t think the way I think
You don’t do things the way I do
And it’s really hard sometimes
Wanderin’ through life when I don’t have a clue

I know life is so much easier
When I put my will and heart into Your hands
Lord, I pray for Your great wisdom
Help me surrender to Your plans


Written By: Doug Peterson, Leah Clark

Metro - D. Peterson & L. Clark

I get on I get off
The ride is smooth The ride is rough
Pay my fare See lots of stuff
Riding on the metro

I see people everywhere
funky clothes and purple hair
But do they know That You are there?
Riding on the metro

I see pain in their eyes
I hear despair in their sighs
They don't hear You answer when they ask "why?"
Riding on the metro

I know I should reach out
and tell them the truth
Fear keeps me from doing
The things I should do
I wonder if I'll see them
after I die?
Maybe there will be
a Metro in the sky...

Set List

By Surprise (Joy Williams)
Beautiful Love (The Afters)
Waiting on You
Sweetly Broken (Jeremy Riddle)
Shine (Collective Soul)
Rise Up O God
Please Forgive Me (Sarah Kelly)
Auntie Conformity
Wholly Hated
What I Deserve