The Slack Republic

The Slack Republic


The Slack Republic coats classic genres such as rock and punk with a shiny new lacquer of indie rock aesthetics. Think... your favorite piece of furniture, restored!


Bursting onto the indie rock scene with the reckless abandon reminiscent of a young Iggy Pop, The Slack Republic seem dead set on becoming the new standard for work ethic, amongst unsigned bands. Adopting the Earn-It-Yourself philosophy of friend and fellow musician Sarah Saturday, The Slack Republic seem unaffected by the limitations placed on bands lacking label support. They do what they want!

For In 6 short months that they have been a band, The Slack Republic have managed to make a name for themselves. From their very first show, opening for HR (of Bad Brains), to closing out a show at the Knitting Factory in New York, precedents for what a new band can and can not do are being set. And in
true slack form, The SR continue to break these rules with their upcoming summer tour (sponosored by Fourth World Clothing), which includes select dates on the Vans Warped Tour, CBGB's New York (July 4th weekend), as well as Toronto Dates.

According to Meczilla, the band's singer and spokeswoman (by default), "we are arguable one of the hardest working bands on the scene. We're not trust fund kids. We haven't had anything handed to us. The Slack Republic works very hard for every accolade, opportunity and criticism we receive. We've earned these stripes."


We have been featured on the Afro-Punk Volume I compilation. Additioanlly a 6 song promotional sampler was put into circulation in the underground market during their first of tours in April of 2006. Songs are being played on several college and internet radio stations in the US and are available for purchase online.

Set List

Sets typically run between 45 minutes to an hour and contain anywhere from 11-13 songs. Our full repertoire consists of 2 covers and 16 originals.