The Slacks

The Slacks


Raucous Fun, Fun, Fun...with the same determination as those Detroit rockers.. we aim to make you move.


One day after not writing for a very long time, Shawna got bored with the melancholy acoustic singer/songwriter stuff she was doing and decided she wanted to borrow Ric Hickey's '74 Fender Teledeluxe to see what sounds would come out of those see if it would draw her out of the writer's block doldrums or maybe jar some part of her brain open..PJ Herrington said "Hey, let's get together at my practice space and see what happens". Ric said, "I've always wanted to play drums". On February 8th 2006 we descended the staircase on Gilbert Ave. and the writer's block dissipated. I don't know if it was the bassy tones or the distortion that Shawna discovered on that guitar...or Ric's coo coo for coco puffs drumming, or maybe PJ's perty bass lines, but the sound was just a good way....the rest is introducing.......................
ThE SLaCKs!! A 3 piece band from Cincinnati Ohio.. Pj and Ric put down their guitars to play bass and drums. We don't play in no garage and we aren't trying to be perfect musicians....with a perfect image and polished perfect sound. We just want to play...a lot....and blow your wigs off..make you grab at your chest....scream FUCK YEAH at your neighbors...and possibly punch the cat.....


Gorgeous Trap

Written By: shawna

you’ve got a way about you now
you’ve got a way about you now
you move so smooth with out a doubt
you move so smooth there’s no way out

I’m caught up in your gorgeous trap (x2)

I don’t know how I got this way
I don’t know how I got this way
I can’t go back without a doubt
I can’t go back there’s no way out


You have me in your pocket now
You have me in your pocket now
I’m there for good without a doubt
I’m there for good there’s no way out


Wake Up

Written By: shawna

Every time I look into your eyes
I’m lifted 10 feet off the ground
Every time I kiss your lips
I’m transported to some other town
I can’t ever get just what I want
Cuz your always fast asleep baby

Every time I hold your hand my head gets light
My heart beats a hundred rounds
Every time I hear your voice
My insides melt I wanna jump up and down
I can’t always get just what I want
Cuz your always fast asleep baby

Eye Contact

Written By: shawna

You’re a heavy hitter with razor eyes
Night goes black and so does your mind
The way you act is unrefined
When you gonna make up your mind

You come along when the time is ripe
When I’m sad and lonely and tender inside
Playin’ with my emotions (pride?) it’s just not right
Yeah I come back for more..but I don’t know why

Every time you come around I die
My pulse races while my blood runs dry
You break my heart and then you watch me cry
Oh but I won’t be made a fool next time