The Slackwater News

The Slackwater News

 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Presenting a new & unique sound from Lancaster, PA, the Slackwater News plays well-crafted songs with a tip of the hat to psychedelic, indie and classic rock and pop.


With their second EP Graveyard Mates the Slackwater News lets fly another batch of restless songs that walk that thin line between indie-rock and freak-folk; memorable for their melodies, sweet in their harmonies, and cleverly arresting in their lyrics.

The groupMatt Blank (drums), JJ Gammache (bass, vocals), Matt Johnson (guitar), Daniel Ramirez (organ/piano/keyboards), and Dan Zdilla (vocals, guitar)proudly hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where a healthy modern arts and music community thrive alongside badly lit retail outlets, tourist buffets, and horse-drawn agriculture.

Their debut disc, All You Creatures earned significant regional notice as well as airplay on WXPN and other radio outlets in 2010. It drew comparisons to the likes of Dr. Dog, The Black Keys, Band of Bees, Spoon, Avett Brothers, Lumineers, and The Beatles.

This time around the group presents six songs about things like international phone calls, sharing house with polite ghosts, the oddly comforting certainty of entropy, and the equally comforting notion of spending that eternity in the ground with someone you love. Graveyard Mates is available for physical and digital sale on Halloween 2012.


"All You Creatures" - EP 2009
"Graveyard Mates" - LP 2012

Airplay on public and commercial terrestrial radio (WXPN, WRVV) and several inernet radio stations, including Pandora.

Set List

Originals (list is ever-growing):
Less In A Day
If The World Goes Mad
The Blister
Jersey Burn
I'll See You There
Graveyard Mates
I Can't Forget
Fish In A Bowl
Hard Labor
The Gringo
Rock & Roll Revival
Get Up
The Collector
The Dupe
Victims of History
Wrong Hands
It's A Mystery
Nothing Comes for Free

Select covers from artists such as: The Band, The Steve Miller Band, The Beatles and The Kinks.