The Slags

The Slags


Psychedelic punk rock and reggae with some Soviet-era Russian rock band KINO covers. High energy good times. No attitude. Lots of young multi-national fans.


The Slags draw a diverse crowd. classic-rock fans, punk rockers, 60s-fellow-travelers and most noticeably - international students in the Seattle area. It is a solid fact that these young fans have formed the only conga line in the history of West Seattle's most authentic music venue, Poggie Tavern (see Photo Gallery).



Written By: Vlad

Sunset bleeding on the windowsill
Tight-packed chillum got some time to kill
Ride my Cadillac around the block
Put in the 8-Track it's time to rock


Written By: Billy

How much has your pay increased in the last 3 years?

100, 200, 300 per cent -
I don't think so!

How about executive pay?
They'll get it anyway
'cause they'll never get enough

John Rigas, Kenneth Lay
Dick Cheney they're the same
'cause they'll never have enough

CEO has got to go
'cause the CEO has got to go

their salaries are a'rising
while yours is declining
'cause they'll never get enough

CEO has got to go
'cause the CEO has got to go


- several eps recorded live in studio
- latest ep "All New Slags" (recorded 08-11) streaming live here and at

Live Vids: zion


Set List

45-60 minutes of:
- psychedelic-inflected punk rock & reggae originals
- 2 KINO covers (sung in russian)
- 1 black uhuru cover