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With a sound spanning across a multitude of musical genres and delivering a unique message of universal relevance, The Sleeping defies categorization on their debut full length for One Day Savior Recordings, "Believe What We Tell You". Recorded and Produced by Michael Birnham and Chris Bither (Coheed and Cambria, Anadivine) at Applehead Studios, this audio documentation exudes an arsenal of intricate dynamics, stellar musicianship, and a diverse array of influences.

Ranging from prog to pop to driving, aggressive rock yet still maintaining hints of their metallic hardcore roots, this four piece from Long Island, NY creates waves of crisp, melodic, hook-laden guitars, steady, tight and yet innovative rhythms, and a catchy yet powerful voice which speaks of epic tales sparked by the cut-throat, competitive media industry. With a stunning layout steeped in social/political satire and stark humor, The Sleeping takes a calculated stab at the media's tendencies towards the exaggeration and fictionalization of news stories while boldly challenges the consumer who often times becomes a passive victim, blindly accepting the "reality" they perceive through TV, radio, and print.

Though comprised of 3 members of the now defunct Ferret Records recording artist, SkyCameFalling, The Sleeping have set out to fend off comparisons and to not rest on the impressive list of past accomplishments. Within 4 months of forming, The Sleeping performed their first show and have since then embarked on numerous weekend jaunts and 3 full U.S. tours of the midwest, south, and east coast, thus sharing the stage with such acts as Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, My Chemical Romance, From First To Last, The Goodwill, and Prizefighter. In addition to their upcoming summer tour with Undying, Fordirelifesake, and If Hope Dies, the band have also garnered over 12,000 views in just 3 and a half weeks on

Believe what we tell you.


Believe What We Tell You

Written By: The Sleeping

Stories and pages blended in years bookmarks of memories and cover-ups condense us until we burn away. Presses with ink as red as lips feeling a fault smashing against our cheek, deceiving our open eyes and front page love.
Gaining back what's lost is gone when columns turn to stone.
Believe what we tell you. Keep flipping pages, build up reactions. Believe what we tell you. Frequencies flowing, build up reactions.
Headliners flash across our eyes deleting honesty through hidden lines. A barrier of what is truth slowly dissolves. But these times call for building up reactions to keep you from being told.
Exhausted eyes build up reactions. Keep from being told.

Sunday Matinee

Written By: The Sleeping

Scented a rose, and as the shocked machines still scanning pavements screen, ground with siren eyes. Sounding through blinding sight. Piecing of pieces fit. Shifting the overwhelming. Fault lines now open.
Now I can't forget (buried in pain and thought, just because I wasn't there)
Slide show incarcerated with grief and I know times have changed in our eyes. That's for sure, so I quit. This is bad news another album going nowhere, going nowhere.
Now, without you, I can't.
Eyes, slides are spinning. Toss, the ground is gone, dizzy and overthrown. Slide my feelings, my eyes away.


Believe What We Tell You - In stores September 14th, 2004

Set List

1. One Flight, One Flame
2. Believe What We Tell You
3. The Big Breakdown - Day 1
4. Broadcast Silence
5. Sunday Matinee
6. Fleet