The Sleeping Season

The Sleeping Season


The Sleeping Season is an electro-pop solo project with deep, meaningful lyrics about cats, cake frosting, and personality disorders.


The Sleeping Season is an electro-pop project that I began in late 2004. Much of what I worked on prior to this point was ethereal, darkwave, and minimalist electro-acoustic music, but I gradually decided I wanted to go in a more synthpop-like direction. My influences range from bands such as The Cure, OMD, Cocteau Twins, Siddal, and Lycia to composers like Danny Elfman and Philip Glass.


No Pressure

Written By: John Brady

I want you to live my life for me
You can stay inside of this body
Take my place while I drift away
Into my own delightful space
I want you to make me feel better
I want you to write me a letter
My happiness depends on you
No pressure

I don’t think that I am quite stable
You might say that I am unable
To deal with these people from day to day
I never quite know the right words to say
I want you to live my life for me
You may find it gets rather lonely
My sanity depends on you
No pressure

Please make all my decisions for me
I don’t know the best course of action
My life is a great big distraction
Put me on the right path
I want you to send me bad weather
Put it in a box and let me open it up
To find the most glorious thoughts
Raining down on me
I want you to build me a garden
Full of icy flowers
My happiness, my sanity
It all depends on you
So no pressure

Please don’t let me down
I have planned my whole life
Solely around you

New Meaning

Written By: John Brady

Your father was my lover in a former life
That’s what the log lady told me
When I gave her all my money
Your sister is the answer
She can ease my troubled mind
That’s what my tarot cards taught me
When I consulted them last January
Tomorrow will be disastrous
There will be trouble everywhere I go
My Scorpio book informed me
I count on it for my stability

There she is
Moving with such self-conscious precision
She doesn’t know
That I watch her from my bedroom window
The sound of the door, the outside world
Can no longer affect me
I know her birthday, it’s a very special date
Clearly we must be soul mates

I’ve been hanging religious symbols
Around my bed and around my neck
I don’t know quite what they mean
But they show I’m a spiritual being
I’ve taken up astral travel
I have mastered projection techniques
And when I sleep I have lucid dreams
I believe they all have meaning

I spent all last night searching online
She is a water sign
Clearly we are meant to be, yes we are
It’s written in the stars

Every boy and every girl
You think they are little villains
But in fact, they are indigo children

I’ve brought my life new meaning
Through expensive books and cheap, silver angels
I’m going through a major transformation
Of spirit, body, and mind, so watch out
It only cost me 19.95

Before my life was so dull
But now it has new meaning
Before my life was so boring
But now it has new meaning

Molly and Isabelle

Written By: John Brady

Molly is the type of girl that gets her fun
Staying indoors avoiding the sun
She doesn’t much care for you or for me
But she likes her cats and she likes to read
About the horrors of our time
About the terrible things that plague you and me
She derives all sorts of pleasure from our pain

Just the other day I ran into Isabelle
Who is Isabelle, now you may well ask
Isabelle is Molly’s favorite cat
I was quite surprised she did not bite or scratch

Molly and Isabelle
Molly, you are rather lovely
In your own twisted, perverted way
And that’s ok
Morality is such a subjective thing anyway

Molly enjoys all sorts of atonal music
From what I have heard she really likes Schoenberg
And so one time I wrote her a 12-tone piece
I thought maybe she’d fall in love with me
But she just laughed and laughed and called me a fool
Apparently I did not follow the rules
I was rather crushed (so crushed)
I wanted her so much
There goes my hopes, there goes my dreams
There goes my happy-go-lucky fun time

Molly and Isabelle
You are so very lovely in your own twisted, perverted way
And you remind me of my sordid past
And you make me want to live that way again
Molly and Isabelle


Sugary Nothings (2006)

Debut LP with 12 tracks

Set List

I'm not currently performing live (due to typical difficulties that come with being a solo electronic musician), but I hope to start in the near future.