The Sleeptalkers

The Sleeptalkers


The Sleeptalkers is a surprisingly sensible outcome of raw sonics and subtle, traditional rock 'n' roll; kind of like a marriage between Guided by Voices and Tom Petty.


Founding guitarist of The Redwalls, Andrew Langer, left the band in the fall of 2008 to write and record his first body of material, while forming his own band, The Sleeptalkers. "I grew up with those guys" says Langer of his former Redwalls band-mates, " The band was our childhood dream. It was a fun and exciting experience for a while, but as my musical taste grew outside of that bubble, it became apparent that I wanted to move in a different direction."

In early September of 2008, Langer drove to Waterloo Studios in the small town of Kent, Ohio to record his debut album with producer Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices / Robert Pollard). With Tobias playing bass and longtime friend, Jordan Kozer, on drums, the record was recorded and mixed in 8 days. "I've been a fan of the work that Todd has done on the Pollard and GBV albums" say's Langer, "those albums are such a big influence on my music. It occurred to me to ask Todd to play on the album since I didn't yet have a bass player. He agreed and it turned out even better than I had hoped."


The Sleeptalkers EP (2009):
1. Falling Apart
2. Broken Bones
3. Reservations
4. 20th Nervous Breakdown