The Sleepy Conductor

The Sleepy Conductor


"Conductor attempts to bring together pseudo-roots-rock/folk and space-infused-rants into an all but neat little package of sound we call music"


After several subtle collapses of some other small musical projects throughout the last few years, it only seemed natural to take the reins of fate into my own sweaty palms and create some neat, personal music. With the help of some extremely talented musicians and writers, The Sleepy Conductor is making waves in the clouds. And with “Spooky”, our first EP, and a record out sometime in the near future, things are looking quite sleepy indeed.


Bedtime Sea

Written By: Kerry Olson

Wanted you here when I died
No strangers or suicide
But Bedtime Sea swept you from me
And all I know now is all that’s allowed is

One chance to love
One ship to sail upright

Birds packed up all that they owned
Opened up possibly on their own
Small corner stores selling brown doors to
Bastard King Lonesome. I mean we all long to exit

One chance to love
One ship to sail upright

Killed me when she met me
And she kissed me by the sea

Silhouette in some window
Stranger at her front door

Wanted you here when I died
But lost her in the outgoing tide
And Bedtime Sea coming for me
Soon we will be both lost at sea

One chance to love
One ship to sail upright


"Spooky" EP- Featuring 10 tracks. Free.

Set List

I definitely prefer a short, tight set (maybe 15 minuets to a half hour). I take my music extremely serious and plan everything out in intense detail. With a somewhat wide range of music and “feel”, it is fun planning out each show with extreme care. And somehow this process remains inspiring and fun every day I get the pleasure to play. No covers.