Sounds like: Beck and Kurt Cobain got into a fist-fight... Hendrix was the refferee.


Born out of Schiller's incurable inferiority complex to all living things coupled by accute narcicism, TheSleevz is a brand new rock band created out of all things right and wrong in Schiller's head. Take everything you've ever heard and then forget it- if that was possible- and then write. From familliar, popular music to the background ditty in a dog chow commercial, no music is unimportant. What separates one rock band from another is the intention behind the composition - the music is simply a by-product. TheSleevz just happen to love by-products.


TheSleevz - "Don't Get Smart" LP (Lucky 6)
1. Yeah, So What?
2. Separated Shoulder
3. Marlene
4. Hillbilly Mosh
5. The I Love You Song
6. Blue Chili
7. So Long
8. My Baby Is Song
9. Nickels

Set List

Set lists vary upon time allowed. Having more original material than you can shake a stick at yet to be recorded, TheSleevz use the "stage" to play fan favorites and unreleased songs we enjoy performing most. You may spot a cover song here or there, just don't expect accuracy... as we don't like to step on the toes of any tribute bands out there.