The Slide Machine

The Slide Machine


The Slide Machine is about wild happenstance, thunderstorms, summertime, broken accordians, sing-a-longs, out of tune guitars, great American novels, true love, traveling, getting lost, books on tape played backwards, cassingles, dancing to old records, tearing up atlases and smoking thick joints.


The Slide Machine grew up together on the sun soaked streets of La Paz, Bolivia. All four eventually came to the United States to attend university in Columbus, Ohio. The band lives together and practices many times a week, making music part of their daily lives. Taking their name from a 13th Floor Elevator song, The Slide Machine is heavily influenced by pysch-folk, chanty and low-fi rock. Drawing on their unique world experiences, their lyrics revolve around the narrative of a lost, exotic paradise; evoking creative fiction on an epic scale. Their music hums with static and wobbles frantically to odd melodies that spill from their amps. The audience spits PBR towards the stage while dancing wildly and raise fists as the room sings along. The Slide Machine has traveled far and wide and hopes to take their listeners on journeys to a world that sits uncomfortably between dreams and semi-consciousness.


1 7" titled "Bloodbirds", containing two tracks: "Sundown" and "The Mirage". We also have a song titled "2000 Czech Crown" on the 2008 Columbus Alive Compilation. All three of these songs plus an additional track off of our upcoming full-length receive extensive radio play on CD101. Our 7" was released by Nice Life Records.

Set List

Typically we play a 6 song, 30 minute set which changes constantly.