The Slow Changes

The Slow Changes

 Tampa, Florida, USA

Alternative British Rock


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The Slow Changes draw much of their influence and sound from Post punk Bands that come from the North of England and Scotland. A bit of the Manchester Scene (New Order, The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen) crossed with the angular guitar style of old U2 and the fuzzy tones of My Bloody Valentine. Yet sounding unique unto themselves.

Three of The Slow Changes guitarist are former members of Rosewater Elizabeth, Tampa ambient goth band who left for Atlanta in the 90's. Dan Rosen(guitar) , Milza Barley(bass) and Mike Keene(drums) were key members of Rosewater, who received lots of attention from local press and eventually signed on local start up label 24 Hour Service Station.
Rosewater Elizabeth eventually split and Dan left Atlanta for the seclusion of the mountains near Ashville, North Carolina. There he recorded his solo project May Family Reunion to much critical local acclaim. Only recently did he return to Tampa. His unique atmospheric guitar style is a perfect addition to The Slow Changes sound.
Drummer Mike Keene was recently reunited with his old band mates and added to The Slow Changes lineup.
Frontman Matthew Gold is also no stranger to the local music scene. Working as a soundman in Tampa's Ybor City since the 1990's at clubs The Ritz Theatre, then The Masquerade and The Rubb. Chances are if you saw a concert in Tampa you probably saw him wrapping cables, mixing sound or moving some rockstars gear. Bassist Milza Barley also worked as a soundman at the Ritz Theatre after leaving Rosewater Elizabeth. He currently lives off the royalties from his invention, silent velcro.
That last part was a total lie.



Written By: The Slow Changes

Got to get out of here
and the wait could last a lifetime

This old town will drag you down
its not too late to start a new life

Show me a sign, Turn me around, tonight..

Got to get out of here
this town will drag you down

oh the sound of distant hearts breaking

Got to get out of here
Got to get out of here

This town will drag you down

Take me home tonight
because I havent got that feeling
Take me home tonight
because I havent got that feeling anymore