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"WEAR A SEATBELT: The Slow Crash"

By Josh Johnson

The Slow Crash started with a lofty, if not impossible, mission: to create a new genre of music. Most musicians shudder at attempts to classify what they do, let alone try to do it themselves. But the Fort Collins band set out to sail that sea and discover where they'd land. So, after more than a year of playing together, where is that?
"Avant-pop," says bassist Brett Schrieber, as vocalist and viola player Alana Rolfe cringes with clear dislike.
"It started with this concept," he continues, "to try and create pop with an experimental approach. The bass-and-guitar-and-drums thing has been beaten to death.
It's difficult to say if the band's sound is something truly original. Masquerade, the four-song EP they will release on Dec. 9, showcases the catchy hooks and slick production associated with pop. But the avant-garde aspect is less obvious. The song structures are fairly straightforward, and the music lacks the often odd, truly experimental sound that challenges listeners of the avant-garde of Philip Glass or John Cage, for example.
The Slow Crash is experimental, however, in their choice of instruments. Guitars hardly exist, replaced with viola and a keyboard, which often synthesizes a xylophone. At times they even incorporate a trombone and a Celtic harp. This eclectic mix might be seen as random, but the overall sound is enticing. Performed live, it's engaging and thrilling.
"Circuit Breaker," by far the catchiest song on the EP, is carried by a xylophone melody with Rolfe's dynamic vocals taking on a more speak-sing sound appropriate to the song's robot-love theme: "When I see your face/my system crashes and my files erase," she sings.
"Originally, we were going for a much more trip-hop sound," says Schrieber, referencing Portishead and Air as examples. "It's taken a life of its own."
That life is well lived. They've generated a buzz since their first show in May, a battle of the bands at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, where they placed fifth. If the Fort Collins scene could support an "it" band at the moment, The Slow Crash would be, well, it.
They're playing clubs in Denver and Boulder, and last month they won a battle of the bands at FC's City Limits Lounge, which they attribute, in part, to their epic-sounding song "Close to Divine." One of the judges commented that the performance was "over-dramatized," something Rolfe had likely never heard while performing with the rootsy-influenced local band Ledges. There is, however, more consideration put into performances.
"In this band, I spend the entire day getting dressed," she says. But the judge was off the mark. Even in costume at Surfside 7 on Halloween, there was minimal performance drama, just a great show.
"If you're gonna get onstage, you have an obligation as a performing artist," says Schrieber, who was in Hobbstown with Crash drummer Nate James and keyboardist/guitarist Joe Bublitz. "We've been in so many bands that never really appealed to anyone."
Not anymore. Ironically, part of the relative success the band has achieved in a short amount of time seems to have something to do with the challenge of classifying them and how well they maintain that image of genre chameleon. Much like locals Listen, The Slow Crash can appeal across musical tastes. They fit on any bill by not quite fitting.
"[Our music's] not going to turn anyone off," says Schrieber. - Rocky Mountain Chronicle

"Surprising Upset at the 15th Annual Scene Battle of the Bands"

By Julie Parker

"And the winner of the Scene Magazine's 15th Annual Battle of the Bands is...The Slow Crash!!!" Who?
Even though most of us had never heard of this eclectic and talented band, it was clear from the number of fans who came out in support, we were a bit out of an exclusive loop.
The Slow Crash (
broke into a huge lead, and ultimately first place, sporting five diverse and talented musicians. The group has been performing together for over a year, but spent six full months honing their sound before beginning live performances. Their sound is difficult to label, yet somewhat easier to describe...sultry, pulsing, tight, and exotic. Their performance included an impressive array of instruments, including the talented lead singer, Alana, who not only has a distinct, sexy vocal style, but also plays a mean viola. The fan base was strong, their performance impressive, vocal tone excellent, and music mysterious and original. The Slow Crash (Alana, Joe, Brett, Nate, Kira) have been working hardto build a professional image, which is easily achieved considering their maturity in presentation on and off the stage, as well as the fact that each group member is a multi-instrumentalist. All of the members have had a long history of performing with other bands in Colorado and beyond, until finally their destiny led them to The Slow Crash, where their blend of two women and three men brings it all home. Having opened for several national touring bands, including The Painted Saints and Hello Stranger, their obvious cohesive personalities exemplify their mission as artists. The Slow Crash will be releasing their first EP, Masquerade, on December 9th at Avo's in Ft. Collins, with a show following on the 15th in Denver at the Old Curtis Street Bar. - Scene Magazine (Dec. '06 issue)


Masquerade (EP)



The Slow Crash formed in the Fall of 2005, and spent nearly 8 months developing their unique style of Indie Pop music before playing their first show. Since then, they have quickly developed a strong and loyal following of diverse fans. Taking first place in the Scene Magazine Battle of the Bands in November of 2006, The Slow Crash have recently been featured in both The Scene and The Rocky Mountain Chronicle. They have also been receiving regular rotation play and live appearances on several independent and college radio stations. Their beautiful, melodic songs and genre-bending style finds them labeled as the new band to watch out of Colorado, as well as around the rest of the country...where they will begin touring extensively in July of 2007.

"Their sound is difficult to label, yet somewhat easier to describe...sultry, pulsing, tight, and exotic. The fan base was strong, their performance impressive, vocal tone excellent, and music mysterious and original."
-Scene Magazine

"If the Fort Collins scene could support an "it" band at the moment, The Slow Crash would be, well, it."
-Rocky Mountain Chronicle