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The best kept secret in music


"Randomville Magazine"

I'm always a bit hesitant to review bands from labels so small even they're not sure they exist. A lot of times, the music fits the size (or budget) of the label. Recorded poorly, the songwriting is poor, there's barely a hint of melody. We all can name groups who fit this description. So when I put on the new album by The Small Change, a band on a tiny label, I was skeptical. To put it bluntly, I now have to rethink my stance completely.

There must be something in the water in Seattle, WA that makes great songwriters and musicians. I can't explain it otherwise. Frontman Greg Collinsworth's vocals remind me of other great Seattle acts, like the Posies, Fastbacks, and Young Fresh Fellows. He combines a great sense of melody with an irresistible flair for pop on tracks like 'The Last Piece Of The Puzzle' and '(I Don't Wanna Go Back To) Detroit.' Both are instant singalongs by the first chorus.

Little subtle touches like Nick Millward's organ on the album allow for the music to sink in quickly. Throughout their new self-titled disc, there are plenty of upbeat chords and head-bobbing riffs that make the album a joy to listen to. Although The Small Change can rock it out with the best of them, it was also a pleasant surprise to discover they can play it soft and sweet, like on 'Off My Shoulder,' a number reminiscent of another jangle-pop group, The Connells.

At times it's frustrating to listen to this album, knowing the state of music today. How the idea of smartly written pop/rock is cast aside for the bimbos, mooks, and redundant hip-hop acts of the Industry. The Small Change, in an alternate universe, would be a band blasted out of cars, windows, and ipods in millions of people's lives. This is not that world. However, it doesn't mean you reading this can't be in on the secret. What is the secret, you ask? Sometimes the best music isn't on major labels and doesn't get heard by everybody. If the idea of passionate rock and roll gets you intrigued, the Small Change's self-titled album should be at the top of your shopping list this fall.
Nathan Lind

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- Nathan Lind

"Classic Not Lame styled power pop!"

Reminding Not Lame of all sorts of warm, familiar and favorite bands, it`s fortunate for the band that The Small Change can live up to the spirit of many of their inspirations(both heard and unheard by the band)! What are they, you ask, dear soul? Answer: the first two releases by Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, The Figgs (yeah!), The Jags, Any Trouble, D.L. Bryon(for the more obscure-minded of you), You Am I and Brett Rosenberg Problem. To make things even better, you can bet that The Small Change will most definitely remind you of the great, great Sloan. And for these ears, too, no band deconstructs classic rock & reassembles it as melodically & cleverly as Sloan, so that`s a big compliment. Showing even more good taste, they have Evan Foster of The Boss Martians helping out here, as well.

Alternating old-school pop song writing with immediately hummable sweetly open chords that lift the sounds, in and out of focus quickly for maximum affect, of the aforementioned, above bands. This is a joyous, fully melodic, high-charged tune-fest. Sharp, dead-center guitar tones, a `all-out`, let`s have a blast spirit and, most importantly, tunes that play on past the first few listens. If you wear influences on your sleeves, you better wear `em very well and The Small Change dress in style and class. Move to the front, boys, Extremely Highly Recommended! - Not Lame Records




Feeling a bit camera shy


The Small Change is a collaboration between Greg Collinsworth, Doug Stevens, Jason Toft and Nick Millward. The group play a blend of pop-mod-soul that is commonly referred to by those in the know as "Rock N Roll". Although, the members come from all over the USA, they currently call Seattle, Washington home and find artistic inspiration from such local heros as The Fastbacks and The Young Fresh Fellows. Other influences run from Elvis Costello and The Who to You Am I and Sloan.