The Smart Brothers

The Smart Brothers


Two brothers singing together from birth, traveling the world as characters in their own peculiar songs- holding nothing back.


Jay and Lou Smart are two brothers from California who have been traveling around the country for the past few years living lives full of the sort of strange adventures you’d expect from a couple of young gentlemen. It is hardly a surprise, then, that the peculiar music of the Smart Brothers wafts distinctly of the open road- of faraway places that are not so faraway as they seem perhaps. The raw energy these lads put into everything they do is palpable…and contagious. They’ve managed to bridle their exuberance within a sparse acoustic medium that is at once classic and entirely refreshing. Inspired by the finest traditions of American roots music, the brothers have cultivated their vocal harmonies in a manner seldom achieved by any other sort of singing group save those bonded by blood and family. That being said, such harmonies have never existed in such a spunky collection of tunes before. You may well wonder why you have never heard acoustic music as exciting as this before.


-"The Smart Brothers" self-titled LP-2008
-"The Smart Brothers" My Baby-2009

Set List

all original material, in sets of up to four hours in length, featuring:

-Vaine Elaine

-Let it Go

-When You Awake


-Is it True

-Carry You Away

-Make it Last

-The Ballad of the Young Sailor


-Heaven's Gate

-Goodbye, Blue Monday



-Just Got Paid


-Breaking My Heart

-You Are the One

-Somehow I Will Find You

-Country Road

-Songbird Sing

-Take Me I'm Yours

-I Don't Want Anybody New

-Sweetest Thing

-When I Get Old

-Time Changes Everything

-Not Going to Take Your Heart

-Way Back Home

-East Coast Summer Nighttime

-Lord, I Tried

-All the Love in the World

-Crazy Enough

-Love Me, Won't You?

-Dearest Love of Mine

-Faithful, I Am

-The Banjo Returns

-Never Came Home

-Ode to Sally M.

-On The Farthest Shore

-Love you more

-My Baby

-Not Gonna Cry

-Say Goodnight

-The Best I ever had

-and many more