The Smartest Monkeys

The Smartest Monkeys


Early Beatles (think Taxman) meets the Sex Pistols and some early XTC (Think Drums and Wires) came along for lunch. These guys still believe rock and roll can save the world - and it shows.


UPDATE - Chosen as 1 of only 6 bands out of over 1200 from across the USA as a finalist in the Billboard IMWS this July 2003!

So young and so talented. Extremely passionate and intense these guys still believe rock and roll can save the world and it shows in their live shows and on record. "Its like turning on a blender with the lid off - but so tight and with amazing songs" according to one industry insider.

2 lead vocalists who write songs together, Matt and Asher have been deeply influenced by early XTC, the Beatles, The Clash, Deftones and At the Drive-in. Songs mean something and hit you quick and let you think about it. The band has been together just over a year now and with solid friendship diverse political views they are bent on conquering minds the world over.
All hail rock and roll. Young, clever, intense and simply great. That is the Smartest Monkeys.


Fatter Pipes

Written By: Asher Rogers / Matt Sebastian

Life is so confused
I need a leaf to stay amused
I need to smoke away
To have a better day

It's all good we keep it real
We don't care cuz we don't feel
Let's get numb so nothing will matter
Hearts get smaller as our pipes get fatter

I just never cared
to make a change in anything
and everyone is fake
their just out to take

There’s no such thing as rape yeah
No such thing as hate

Sarcastic Cowboy

Written By: Asher Rogers Matt Sebastian

life is not a spectator sport, you're in or you're out
don’t look to me if you want support, cuz I’m liable to shout
don’t look to me for sympathy, I’m not giving it out
don’t disrespect the disrespector, learn to shut your mouth

sarcastic cowboy (you herd your sheep)
sarcastic cowboy (you can't be beat)

stand up straight and look correct, be presentable
it’s about time you realized you're the mouse and I’m the bull
when I flick my blues to you, you'd better obey
get in my way and I’ll knock you down and that is where you'll stay

I'm gonna call your mother tell her your smoking cigarettes
I'll put you on the cover and screw your life with no regrets
Then I can call your father and tell him that you're stuck in jail
He says you'll get no further
Here's hoping you make bail

There’s a line that I define, I judge alone
and if I’m mad or bored today, you're gonna get thrown
you cannot escape my probe, you think you're home
well don’t piss me off cause I do what I want and I’m liable to break a bone

Cavemen to Honey

Written By: Asher Rogers Matt Sebastian

think its funny that the real world, is gonna all fall down
think its funny that the real world, is just a whimpering sound
think its funny that the real world,

is just babies with money like cavemen to honey
and its high time the low tide came and washed out the sick side

think its funny that the real world, is just a circus long
think its funny that the real world, is gonna burn like bombs
think its funny that the real world,


The Smartest Monkeys - Self titled EP 2003

Set List

Set consists of all original rock. Most songs are under 3 minutes so the set is about 35 to 45 minutes with the new material from the upcoming second album. The occasional Zepplin riff finds its way in once in a while along with some XTC or even Loverboy!!
highlights include:

Clock In
Dirty Robe
Cavemen to Honey
Concepts and Culture
Prozak Winter
X Rated
Fatter Pipes
Campout Song
and usually closed with the crowd pleasing anti police brutality anthem - Sarcastic Cowboy.