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I Fall

Written By: Joel Barter

I FALL by Joel Barter Copyright 2007

I resolve that none will control me
Or weave a magic for my attention
But if I place myself upon a pedestal of devotion
Then I crumble in a heap

And I fall, I have fallen, I fell, down.

What good is this golden mask of honesty
To cover up and ignore an inner plea
That I would climb every hill and mountain for thee
Though I would slip on icy peaks

Chorus x 2

Instrumental V and C

It’s always through those first mistakes
We learn to recognise just what it takes
And in my confidence when I least expect a sad refrain
Then I stumble once again

Chorus x 3


Written By: jOEL bARTER

Anyway by Joel Barter Copyright 1998

They said that we said that he said that she said
That I said what they said wasn’t okay
Then you said there’s no sense to what’s said
But you were not listening anyway.

They saw what we saw what he saw what she…
Then I saw it all in a different way
And you said there’s no sense to what’s seen
But you were not looking anyway

Everybody’s different
Has a different way
Same time, same scene, same story
And the mind will probably change it anyway
Instrumental (Verse & Chorus)
If you heard what I’ve seen
To both of us it’s still a dream
A soft impression on our memory
Then you’d say that we really are not what we seem…

I mean like it’s just an illusion we like to build around ourselves so that we sort out the learning, pigeon hole the past and talk about others misgivings in self recognition (of ourselves) but only to pervade the illusion of what is really going on…how many senses do we control in the realm of consciousness, no matter what is said, what is seen or what is heard, what you hear, what you see or what you say…

’cause I was only dreaming anyway…

Dreaming anyway, dreaming anyway, dreaming anyway, dreaming anyway .
That I was only dreaming anyway etc



ANY IDEA by Joel Barter Copyright 1998

Intro riff

Have you got any idea what’s going on?
Have you got any idea what’s going on?
And so you live your life
Keep out of the trouble and strife
And the law won’t hurt a bit
If you stay out of the shit
But I know of victims, and the judge/s picked ‘em
To jail they were sent
Broke the law but innocent
Intro riff
Instrumental V & C

Somebody finds a name
And the media finds the blame
Everyday it’s just the same
And I hang my head in shame
In this so called enlightened time
We still can’t read the signs
Education’s come of age
But we still can’t stop the rage
Chorus x 2

Intro riff
Chorus x2