The Smob

The Smob

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THE SMOB Formed together to bring real conscious hip hop back to the public. Exploring and expanding minds to view linguistics as a art and appreciate the urban culture.



The SMOB developed out of friendship and loyalty this is a group of individuals formed together as a crew. Originated from the Southwest hip hop culture the SMOB is now based out of the Valley of the Sun. Each individual possess there own style and uniqueness which brings and develops diversity in the hip hop community. Currently the SMOB has been performing in and around Colorado, Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico and is establishing a strong following. Taking from the roots of underground hip hop the SMOB portrays everyday life with complex rhymes and truth of logic. Guided by self will and conscious minds the SMOB is dedicated to invade the airwaves. The group consists of six member’s five males and one female. The Smob is made up of a drummer, dj, wind musician, two MC’s, and one female vocalist. Action creates energy and six individuals create action to provide for an implausible performance.

Set List

We usually do between 6-8 songs during our sets. We have enough material although for 1-2 hours