the smoking muskets

the smoking muskets


Music with an alternate country twang that is real and has heart. With an acoustic anchor and distinctive harmonies, they just might be the saviours of country music in Australia...…


The Smoking Muskets are a 5 piece Alt.Country rock band based in Sydney that hint influences from the likes of Ryan Adams, WILCO, Whiskeytown, the Jayhawks and Neko case.

Having secured the line up in October 2006 the Muskets have released there first self titled EP which was recorded on the central coast in October and is now available at there live shows and on there myspace….

They are being very well received by the industry in Sydney with plenty of media interest (Drum media), radio performances (FBI), air play, and some great live shows….

The band recently played with The Kill Devil Hills (WA) and have shows coming up with Dead Letter Chorus, The Stepfords (USA), Dimi Dero (France), Blue Bottle Kiss and the Wagons (Melb)

Its early days for the band so they are concentrating on there live show and looking to travel the country building up there fan base while drinking some Vodka and Beer….


Self titled 6 track EP now available at shows for $10