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"Hot Tomato!-Review"

Hot Tomato is a perfect pop album. The songs never get too dreadfully serious, and if they do, it’s lost on the listener in the music. Zander’s vocals, as always, are powerful and catchy, and the music is straightforward rock played by musicians who know what they’re doing.

I think a good part of the appeal for The Snaggs is in their showy live performances. Hot Tomato captures enough energy that the enthusiasm of their live performances isn’t lost in the recording. - Molly Fleming-The Rock River Times

"The Snaggs-Mad Planet"

Getting tired of listening to your indie-rock boyfriend bitching about how he can't listen to the Postal Service anymore since he heard them in a commercial? And how many times has he made you listen to the Arcade Fire? When you tell him Funeral is overrated, does he take it well? It's time to suggest taht you go see the Snaggs. This Rockford, IL band has enough indie-cred to keep your boyfriend from feeling like he's selling out and will leave him free to dance to lead singer's Holland Zander power-pop merriment with you. Sure beats another night of putting up with him. (jason keil) - Shepherd Express Milwaukee

"Snaggs ready to go nationwide"

"The self-titled CD is just what a debut disc should be. It's short, sweet and fun to listen to. Most songs are up-tempo, with clever, catchy lyrics powered by crunchy guitars and energetic drums." --Will Pfeifer - Rockford Register Star

""Hot New Band""

"Within the first week of adding The Snaggs to our rotation, we were literally innundated with requests for information about this 'hot, new band'." - WCTR-Florida

""The Snaggs""

"Measure for measure, The Snaggs catch music-goers with their great personalities and talents, providing a very broad crowd appeal that keeps everyone coming back for more. As a music critic and a former music club manager, I can guarantee you’ll be glad The Snaggs played your venue."

Frank Schier

Editor & Publisher

The Rock River Times

- Rock River Times

"An Evening with The Snaggs"

"If you are looking for a night out with a mellow low energy band that plays only what you would expect from a local act…then you should see someone other than ‘The Snaggs!’ "
- Patrick McDonough

"Gemini Sun Records"

"The Snaggs 'soda pop' tunes and images coupled with everything you could possibly
need from a boy backed girl band is refreshing and energizing"

Nicholas Gunn
Gemini Sun Records -

"Music That Moves"

"Music that moves and breathes, and waits for just the right time to kick you in the shin!"
--The Manic Hispanic
WXRX 104.9
- The Manic Hispanic--WXRX Radio

"Top 10 Shows"

Cheap Trick fans take note. The Snaggs, a band featuring Holland Zander, the daughter of Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander, visit the Melody Inn on Friday. Joining the Snaggs is a trio of out-of-town power pop acts including EXO, Goldman and Suran Song in Stag. It's a show strong enough that Melody Inn owner/booking agent Dave Brown has tagged it the club's "Can't Miss Show of the Month." That advice might be worth taking. - Indianapolis Star

"The Snaggs"

The Snaggs’ Web site notes proudly their singer’s family tree. “Fronted by Holland Zander,” it says, “daughter of Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander.” Now, everyone knows the Trick already put the rock in Rockford, Illinois. But Holland and her band of dudes aren’t some sort of shameless Heaven Tonight cover band. Instead they put guitar pop in line with Liz Phair and write sardonic songs about pals in heavy metal bands. They’re also sponsored by Jagermeister, with a tour rider that demands a venue stock the black licorice cannonball. In short, they want you to want them, not a classic rock fantasy. Veterans of Chicago’s long-running International Pop Overthrow festival (their MC2 gig is on the heels of two sets at this year’s IPO), the Snaggs are as comfortable with bubblegum pop as they are with wrangling guitars and pop culture references. And Zander has the kind of perfect, powerful singing voice you don’t hear in rock ‘n’ roll these days — easy money says a Snaggs cover of Pet Benatar’s “Shadows of the Night” would send St. Andrew’s Hall crashing onto Congress Street. —Johnny Loftus

Saturday at St. Andrew’s Hall with Floor Ritual, Lovehammers, the Gelheads and Ivory Wire. - Detroit Metro Times


"heavier than a ham sandwich" EP, 2002
"Something to Chew On fer Now" , 2004
Dawsons Creek DVD, Final season,
"Necromance" Movie Soundtrack, Aegis Studios, 2004
"Hot Tomato!" Full Length, 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


A power pop/rock group with modern and classic rock and roll influences. Fronted by Holland Zander, the daughter of Cheap Tricks Robin Zander. This band brings influence, talent, honesty, and passion to the music they perform.

A female fronted five piece rock band rooted in Rockford, IL. The Snaggs are an original band whose music ranges from aggressive hard rock to beautifully landscaped ballads. Singer Holland Zander(featured on Cheap Trick's "Silver" DVD, Big Hello's "Orange" LP, and Nicholas Gunn's "a Christmas Classic") has a voice of innocence and at times a rowdy in your face attitude that can instantly take control of an audience. The band: Ed Dulian (guitar), Micky Rosenquist (Drums), and Karl Ropp (Bass) has the intensity to match Hollands voice perfectly. The Snaggs have been featured on the WB networks hit show "Dawson's Creek" and have been a "must see" band at the International Pop Overthrow Festival for the last four years. The Snaggs successfully sold over 1,000 copies of their first CD "Heavier than a ham sandwich" within the first 10 months of release, and have a mailing list of fans in the thousands. The Snaggs have had the honor of supporting many great bands including Cheap Trick,Nikka Costa, DaDa, E.I.E.I.O., Cherry Monroe, Lennon, canadian girl rockers Tuuli, and many more great regional acts.
The Snaggs are primarily a regional act and mostly stay close to their roots in the midwest, but have played areas of the west coast and are most willing to travel to promote their music. The Snaggs have had the honor of playing all the Big Gigs in the midwest including Summerfest (Milwaukee), IPO (Chicago-4 years in a row!), Taste of Minnesota (St.Paul), On The Waterfront (Rockford),the Midwest Music Summit (Indianapolis) and the Motor City Music Conference (Detroit). The Snaggs also recently added a RAMI award for best "new rock"band 2005. The Snaggs perform original songs but do have a wide selections of rock covers to surprise the audience, and sometimes themselves. The Snaggs are a group of good lookin', hard workin', and hard rockin' MoFo's, so check them out at a venue near you!

The Snaggs are also a full Jagermeister Music sponsored band, which brings show promotion to the next level!