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"Garage Rock With Fangs"

On Thursday, July 19, the Snakebites — or Skky Phoenix and Starr Harris as their friends probably call them — will pack into the back of Le Voyeur and be just one of the interesting things happening at the club this month. A retrofitting mash of country and fuzz — cooler than tube socks, velvet, cigarette stains, dark shades, or all of the above — the Snakebites call Seattle home but are no stranger to the South Sound.

On paper at least, the Snakebites seem to come off a little like another powerful two-piece with a great image you may have heard of — Jack and Meg — but such a classification is really just being lazy. Music journalists seem most susceptible, and during an interview with Skyy and Starr earlier this week, even I couldn’t help but slip in a question about being compared to the White Stripes.

“I think people expect us to be compared to them more than we really are,” explains Skky, the Snakebites’ ace drummer, and the female force within the band. “We like to use our own comparison, like ‘the Carpenters on speed.’”

If the Snakebites were just ripping off the Stripes, no one would give a shit. If the Snakebites were just ripping of the Stripes, we wouldn’t be talking about them.

The Snakebites officially self-released their first full length record in Octover 2006, Love.Hate.Rage & Sorrow. Their chemistry was instantly apparent. But more than just chemistry, Skyy’s songwriting skills carry the Snakebites. Song after song on Love.Hate.Rage & Sorrow touches you, but it does so with many different hands.

All of them manipulated by the Snakebites.

Love.Hate.Rage & Sorrow was rated the 16th best record of 2006 by So it’s not just me spouting off about this band. It’s a lot of people.

“We keep it pretty simple. I write the songs, and when I have them finished I bring them over to Starr and she adds her touch. We’re usually already thinking along the same lines,” says Skyy
“Looking back, I would’ve definitely done some things differently, but considering that we recorded it after only being together for a couple of months, I think it’s great, and I’m proud of it.”
“We started recording in a basement four months after we met,” says Starr.

“All in all, The Snakebites have been around for about three years. I formed the band originally when I was still living in LA, because I was tired of fighting with four other guys about who gets to sit in the front seat,” adds Skyy, shedding light on the band’s formation.

“I like simple things and I like the intimacy of a duo. Most all of my favorite bands were duos. I moved back to Seattle about two years ago, and I met Starr. That was the real beginning of the band as far as I’m concerned.

“Sometimes we talk about buying farmhouses in Vermont. We’ll be neighbors and we’ll build a giant barn in the middle that we can rehearse in. I’d like to think we could at least get to that point. I’d also like to get a couple of roosters.”

Along with their show at Le Voyeur, the Snakebites will perform live from the KEXP 90.3FM studios this Saturday at 8 p.m. PST. Make it your duty this week to familiarize yourself with the Snakebites. It’ll be time well spent. I promise.

[Le Voyeur, with Cerro Victoria, Archaeopteryx and Animal, Thursday, July 19, 10 p.m., no cover, 404 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia, 360.943.5710] - Weekly Volcano by Matt Driscoll

"Up & Coming 10/5"

Up & Coming
(Funhouse) The Whore Moans may be the headliners and the current attention grabbers on this bill, but tonight is all about loud and luscious local duo the Snakebites, who will proudly unveil their debut CD, love. hate. rage & sorrow. Led by a freewheelin' scoundrel named Skky Phoenix and (barely) grounded by funny and fearless drummer Starr Harris, the Snakebites strike sharply at the throat of bubblegum pop and let the blood spill all over the garage floor, bashing out gritty, punk-flecked blues with occasional glints of sunny pop shading. HANNAH LEVIN - The Stranger

"Grand Opening Show, Skylark Café & Club"

Grand Opening Show, Skylark Café & Club
Add to the list of reasons to kick it West Seattle stylee – there’s a new rock club opening up there named Skylark. The opening night festivities will include performances by Daylight Basement’s Bre Loughlin, The Snakebites, and Shotty. With bubblegum and roller-skates cited as influences and their self-proclaimed “Greatest Lounge Band in the World” title (is there a coffee mug for that?), we look forward to seeing The Snakebites duo break in the brand-spanking new venue in befitting style. -

"Setlist by Megan Seling" - The Stranger (Seattle)

"Weekly Notable Shows"

Wednesday, February 15

The Snakebites

The Snakebites—Skky and Starr—are a young garage band influenced by "bubblegum, rollerskates, and cigarettes," and play the kind of rowdy, dirty, authentic punk you aren't going to hear unless you get off the couch and get down to your neighborhood tavern. Drive it Like You Stole It, Space Creatures from the Year 3000, and Sugar Farm also play. - The Seattle Weekly

"Unsigned Spotlight"

February 13, 2006 -

"Up & Coming 3/13"


(Chop Suey) It's always exciting when a band has nothing but a demo to offer, yet the buzz is traveling faster than news of Brangelina's latest move. Skullbot are the kids fortunate enough to have such hype currently working in their favor—and their bottom-heavy, melodic breed of unexpectedly upbeat desert rock is worthy of such rising interest. Similar murmurs should soon be heard about the Snakebites, a fetching fusion of garage-rock bearings and lounge-core flourishes. HANNAH LEVIN - The Stranger

"Up & Coming"

(Fusion Cafe, 909 Fourth Ave, Vera) Good show! Thee Emergency? No-brainer. But what you might not know is how great the Invisible Eyes are. They play dirty psychedelic garage rock with blues and surf tendencies; they're loud, a little snotty, and a total dance party. The Snakebites are good, too, with a little more punked-up grit than the Invisible Eyes, but with just as much booty-shaking possibility. And Steel Tigers? Also awesome! Four for four, kids. Why wouldn't you go? MEGAN SELING - The Stranger, Seattle

"Three Imaginary Girls Best Northwest Releases of 2006"

Zow — it's been another great year for music everywhere, and a particularly amazing one for music straight outta the Northwest (we hate to brag, but the hometown pride has us beaming!). Thanks to all of you who voted in our fourth annual Best Northwest Releases of 2006 Readers' Poll. As always, we are pleased as punch by all your votes — and humbled to live in a region with such incredible talent.

We've posted an iMix featuring tracks from our Top 10 winners. Have a listen!

Without further ado, our winners!

#50 Mon Frere Blood, Sweat & Swords (Cake Records)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#49 Conrad Ford Don't You Miss Yourself (Tarnished Records)
{website} * {buy}

#48 M. Ward Post-War (Merge)
{website} * {buy}

#47 Head Like A Kite Random Portraits of the Home Movie (Pattern 25)
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#46 The Hands So Sweet (Basement Empire)
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#45 The Village Green Feeling The Fall (Spin Art)
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#44 Skullbot Skullbot (Self-released)
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#43 Andrea Wittgens Alibi (Self-released)
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#42 Common Market Common Market (Mass Line)
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#41 Smoosh Free to Stay (Barsuk)
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#40 The Exploding Hearts Shattered (Dirtnap)
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#39 Iceage Cobra Brilliant Ideas From Amazing People (Self-released)
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#38 Transmissionary Six Radar (Glitterhouse)
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#37 These Arms Are Snakes (Jade Tree)
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#36 Coho Things Change (Lujo)
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#35 Sneaky Thieves Accidents (Self-released)
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#34 Harvey Danger Little By Little (Kill Rock Stars)
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#33 The Blood Brothers Young Machetes (V2)
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#32 The Sea Navy Oh These Troubled Times (Lucky Horse)
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#31 Argo Attack of the Firebots (Fish the Cat)
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#30 The Blakes The Blakes (Self-released)
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#29 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam (Sony)
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#28 The Blow Paper Television (K Records)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#27 Central Services Central Services (This...Bodek Music)
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#26 Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes (Self-released)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#25 Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers Seems So Civilized (Self-released)
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#24 The Purrs The Purrs (Sarathan)
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#23 Pleasurecraft This Is A Blackout (Pleasurecraft Music)
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#22 Thee Emergency Can You Dig It? (Blue Disguise)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#21 Sera Cahoone Sera Cahoone (Self-released)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#20 The Lights Diamonds and Dirt (Wantage USA)
{website} * {buy}

#19 Patience Please Parallel Plots (Jigsaw)
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#18 The Heavy Hearts The Heavy Hearts (Swingline)
{website} * {buy}

#17 Man Plus We Had No Sex (Self-released)
{podcast} * {website} * {buy}

#16 The Snakebites Love, Hate, Rage, and Sorrow (Self-released)
{podcast} * {website} * {buy}

#15 Jeremy Enigk World Waits (Reincarnate Music)
{website} * {buy}

#14 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (Anti)
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#13 Racetrack Go Ahead and Say It (Self-released)
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#12 Rocky Votolato Makers (Barsuk)
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#11 Panda and Angel Panda and Angel (Jade Tree)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#10 The Gossip Standing In the Way of Control (Kill Rock Stars)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#9 Viva Voce Get Yr Blood Sucked Out (Barsuk)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#8 Math & Physics Club Math and Physics Club (Matinee)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#7 The Trucks The Trucks (Click-Pop)
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#6 Built to Spill You In Reverse (Warner)
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#5 The Thermals The Body, The Blood, The Machine (Sub Pop)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#4 Band Of Horses Everything All the Time (Sub Pop)
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#3 The Long Winters Putting the Days to Bed (Barsuk)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#2 The Decemberists The Crane Wife (Capitol)
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#1 BOAT Songs That You Might Not Like (Magic Marker)
{review} * {podcast} * {website} * {buy} -


Love. Hate. Rage & Sorrow. (debut LP)
*voted #16 in the voter poll for best NW releases of 2006.

The Snakebites can be heard on the airwaves of KEXP (Seattle) as well as world-wide through their internet broadcast. Live instudio at KEXP July 2007.

Our music has been played on Audioasis (the local NW music show), Sonic Reducer, The Morning Show, and also spotlighted by the Three Imaginary Girls on KEXP. July 14th at 8pm The Snakebites performed a live instudio. Listen to Black Flowers, this is a song recorded from that show.

The Snakebites also appear on's show number 4, episode 11 of the Matasan Music Podcast out of Portland, OR and featured on the November 2006 Podcast.

The Snakebites - LOVE. HATE. RAGE & SORROW.
(Silver Bell Records 2006)
1. Where the Devil Never Goes
2. Love Don't Mean a Thing When You're on the Run
3. Everybody Feels it When We Get Together
4. Her Sweet Tooth is Turnin'
5. Baby
6. Diane
7. Every Little Bit of You
8. You Gotta Lotta Growin' Up To Do
9. I'm Goin' Down
10. Satan's Hidin' in That Red Christmas Light
11. Baby, I'll Be Back Again

Preview all the songs at



The Snakebites self-released debut album, LOVE. HATE. RAGE & SORROW. was voted #16 in the voter poll for best NW releases of 2006.

We are THE SNAKEBITES. The band's heart pumps a poisonous venom through a bubblegum-coated catalog of unassuming garage rock pop songs that delight audiences, every time they play.

Fronted by singer/guitar-slinger, the Freewheelin' Skky Phoenix and backed by drum beater & tambourine swinger, the Sensational Starr Harris, the duo mixes retro rock n' roll swagger and country charm in an easy-to-swallow aural cocktail delivered with a heavy punch.

The Snakebites are proud to be equally influenced by Gram Parsons, Nirvana, Captain and Tennille and every nightclub crooner with a cigarette in mouth and a cocktail in hand from
the 1960's to today.

On The Snakebites self-released debut album, LOVE. HATE. RAGE & SORROW, the duo lets the devil take the steering wheel. The album takes the listener on a 35 minute roller coaster ride through swamps of overdriven fuzz gun guitar solos to the stripped down honesty of a single acoustic guitar and a lonesome drifter's inner sadness...

Recorded in the minimalist of environments, The Snakebites deliver their full-length debut with the anticipation and thunder of a stampede. Thick clouds of fuzz-soaked electric guitar scream alongside primal drums while a mellower side of acoustic
simplicity balance out the band's inner soul with the comfort of calmness after a storm.

Live, The Snakebites deliver angst and honesty like a rock n' roll sermon, preaching their own dark gospel with an undeniable sincerity you would expect from a saviour and the wrath and contradiction of the devil himself.

CD Release October 5, 2006
West Coast Tour October 2006
Mid-West/West Coast Tour March 2007