The Snake Trap

The Snake Trap


Instrumental 3 piece in the vein of Don Caballero, Kinsky, The Redneck Manifesto & Slint w/ a little Black Flag, Sabbath and the Clash thrown in for good measure


The Snake Trap formed in the Winter of 2004. They are comprised of Bryan Nelson, a member of Gorch Fock and co-owner of Australian Cattle God Records, Lee Brooks Co-Owner of Australian Cattle God Records and Remote Promote Publicity and Booking, and Taj Mihelich, Co-Owner of Terrible One BMX company and professional BMX rider extraordinaire. Soon after their formation they were invited by Fender Guitars to play the Fender stage at the Tempe Music Festival in April of 2005. Since their inception they have played primarily regionally and have been working diligently on their debut, as yet unnamed album for Australian Cattle God Records which hits shelves nationally on October 12th.

They will be touring with Gorch Fock across the mid-west in July of '06 and will make the trek to CMJ in October followed by a tour with the Props Video Magazine Road Fools BMX & Music Skatepark tour in November.

They are particularly known for their 23 minute intrumental opus titled, "Four Sores and Seven Beers Ago" which was actually their first song as a group. Live performances at that stage in their career began cheekily with, "Hello, We're the Snake Trap from Austin, TX. This is our last Song." to the amusement and sometimes bewilderment of audience members.


2006 - Demos - Picked up by Australian Cattle God Records
2006 - Australian Cattle God SXSW 2006 Sampler
2006 - Australian Cattle God Records Spring 2006 Sampler

Set List

Typical set list is around 35 minutes comprised of 4-5 songs including the over 20 minute composition "Four Sores and Seven Beers Ago"