The Snowleopards

The Snowleopards


After the two started dating, guitar wiz Mike Oor and vocal powerhouse/guitarist Heidi Lee Saperstein started The SnowLeopards. They have been exciting fans with their hooky and original classic rock 'influenced' album rock radio songs. A must see Live!!


They'll 'hipmatize' you
Boston based foursome the SnowLeopards are getting some attention from crowds and bloggers for their live shows.
They put out fierce, unpretentious rock, infused with radio-friendly power-pop. Their single "Stuck in the Middle" won "Best Local Song" at the 2006 Boston Music Awards, and their aptly named first album “Debut,” was released in January 2007.

Hearkening to the golden days of ‘70s & ‘80s FM Rock (Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett), The SnowLeopards strive to make radio ready hits with memorable choruses and guitar solos that you can sing along to.

The 2007 Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll


"The SnowLeopards have impressed me from day one," says Dave Duncan , host of WFNX's New England Product. "They hold up their end of the bargain live and have now delivered an impressive debut CD, thanks in part to Bleu." -DAVE DUNCAN of WFNX 101.7

“Heidi Lee comes across like a contemporary version of the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde - and we’re not just talking about her outstanding hair. She commands an audience’s attention with every stroke of her guitar. “ -THE BOSTON HERALD

"Another fantastic find from Exploit Boston Radio: The SnowLeopards claim to be influenced by a mix of motown and guitar-rock. We don't believe them at all. They surely stole it. Expanding from their duo roots to a full four piece set the group has been hard at work on their live sets. You'll want to tell all your friends you saw them first in the small venue." -THE BOSTONIST

etc: Mike Oor was in a band called Runner & the Thermodynamics (Ace Fu) and Jimmy Jax used to play in a band called the Damn Personals (also featured Anthony Rossomando now in the Dirty Pretty Things) Heidi once recorded for Kimchee Records...


Debut out January 2007!

Charted on the CMJ top 200 (for 6 weeks)
Featured on NPR's Open Mic
Airplay on KCRW by Nic Harcourt!

Single "Stuck in the Middle" released May 2006
Nominated for "Local Song of The Year" by the Boston Music Awards and WON!!!
produced by Mike & Heidi
mixed by Bleu

2nd single "Hipmatize Me" from 'Debut'
produced by Bleu and the SnowLeopards

The Phoenix said this about "Hipmatize Me"
"Sooooooo . . . we'll try this again. Last time we posted an unreleased Snowleopards song, the Boston Music Awards named it song of the year or something. We're back with another, and it's rock and fucking roll. We fed it into the Lester Bangsinator and here's what it said: "Heidi Saperstein sexes Zeppelin banshee wail up with the Stooges' troglodyte stomp until the juice runs down my leg." Riff, riff, riff, awesome turnaround, riff, riff, riff: simple, bludgeoning, as subtle as a heart attack. Seriously, this is better than the whole last White Stripes record. It's going to radio next week and it'll be on their next record, out early '07. Make sure you buy it

***NEW SINGLE*** 'The Music' out in February 08

Set List

Typical set list is anywhere from 6 to 9 songs in 40 minutes or less