The Soaked Lamb

The Soaked Lamb

 Cascais, Lisbon, PRT

Singer, song writer from Lisbon - Portugal. Next major Fado celebrity thanks to her voice, personality and stage presence.
Discovered by Jorge Fernando (producer and arranger responsible for the discoveries of Mariza and Ana Moura )


The Soaked Lamb is a band of roots music with particular influence of pre-war blues and jazz.

Its composed by six elements: Mariana Lima is the lead vocals; Miguel Lima plays drums and per cussions; Gito plays the upright bass; Tiago Albuquerque plays clarinet, guitar, sax and concertina; Vasco Condessa plays the piano and organ; Monso Cruz plays guitar, blues harp, banjo, and sings.

The first cd was recorded on Sundays, calmly during a whole year. Along the sessions, a typical Portuguese recipe of soaked lamb was served, hence the name of the band. Because of that, all the songs were recorded with a particular breath scent of cumin, wine and mint. That can actually be noticed when you listen to the songs carefully.


2012 Evergreens
2009 Hats & Chairs
2007 Homemade Blues

Set List

Slowly Movin’
Blue Voodoo
Bang Bang
Grain By Grain
Soaked Lamb
Flor E O Espinho
I Saw The Light
This Is Not A Blues Song
Coff in For Two
Buried Twice
(B Minor Blues)
Another Man
Doomed To Heaven
(East Of Hell)
Smiling Moon
She’s The Only Thing
Miss Celies
Keep Your Lamp
Hot Nuts
St James