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"The Socialists - "Let's Start A Fucking Revolution EP" review, 2010 Brown Bag Propaganda"

The Socialists musically look backwards to 1977-79 and work it better than most. Young and energized, The Socialists are still in high school and not yet tired of a what is now a seriously taxed musical style. Trying to count the stylistic mimics spawned by the first generation of punks is like trying count the grains of sand in your shorts after a day at the beach. It’s a now overburdened cliché filled variety of punk copied ad nauseum.
However, the balls out sincerity and animated Vitality the band brings to the material is refreshing and enjoyable. Makes you want to topple the paradigm and destroy government property. “All that I Am,” “Bring in the Troops,” and “Lets Start a Fucking Revolution,” are highly listenable and appropriately intense.
“Situation” and “A Place Called Sanity” are the songs on the EP that sounds out of step with the other tracks. There are quiet moments, allowing the music to breathe.
Catchy, edgy and taut, “A Place Called Sanity” pauses before the lead, building tension. The Socialists have their own lyrical voice and if they continue producing this quality of material, will soon carve out their own unique musical path. - Karmascene Magazine


"Let's Start A Fucking Revolution" EP 2010 Brown Bag Propaganda

"Live, Raw" (split live EP w/ Let Me Drive) 2012 Shag Nasty! Records

"Platypus" 2012 Shag Nasty! Records



One glance at The Socialists, and you can tell why they are one of the most popular local acts of the last few years, as well as a rising force on the national/international circuit. With a mix of partying, in your face punk rock attitude and musical professionalism, The Socialists draw the line between art and party, and then stomp all over it. Formed in 2008-2009 durning the members' senior year of high school, The Socialists have adapted a hard working, hard partying schedule for years now, and their energetic live shows, which often times walk the line between utter chaos and beautiful harmony, have drawn many an eye to the Port St. John, FL based punk band. After the release of their debut effort, "Lets Start A Fucking Revolution," (produced by Roger Lima of Less Than Jake) on Brown Bag Propaganda, The Socialists took to the streets, and gained national attention for their relentless touring, famous friends, and punk rock antics. After playing shows with bands such as GBH, Whole Wheat Bread, The Bastard Suns, and other internationally recognized acts, The Socialists signed to Shag Nasty for their upcoming Sophomore effort, "Platypus." After a brief hiatus, the attention of a KROQ DJ has brought back the hard working party band's relentless drive, as they gear up for more relentless touring and the release of a new album.