The Social List

The Social List


The thunderous crash of waves hitting the rocks. The beautiful calming breeze that whispers between breaths. Finding peace before the receding water has gathered its' strength and raucously exploded once more. We are The Social List!


The Social List possess a certain demeanor that transcends labels and defies categorization. The hard hitting and aggressive drumming style of Steinar Landsgaard, coupled with the pulsing bass lines of Byron Bingeman create the rock solid foundation that serves as a vehicle for the syncopated guitar rhythms and melodic vocals of Paul Dobrowolski. Captivating harmonies, complimented by the soaring guitar work of Luke Gleeson hover above the thunderous overtones below producing an unrelenting whirlwind of sound matched only by their monolithic stage presence.


The Social List Ep
1.Sounds Like Red
2.Stick on Fire
3.3 Shots
5.Married with a Gun

Set List

We typically play two strong 45 minute sets of all original music.