The Soda Pop Kids

The Soda Pop Kids


This music sounds like a temper tantrum. We pull influence from Little Richard, The Shangri-La's, Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris and Ike and Tina Turner.


The Soda Pop Kids started as the Kill City Thrillers and were originally based in Denver, Colorado. We released our first single in Denver and recorded our first full length there with our original members. When "Write Home" was released, singer Jonny and guitarist Diet D had already moved to Portland and were seaking new members. Soon after, Tony Mengis from The Riffs and Zach Brooks from Scott Baio Army joined the band. We toured with drummer Stevie Kicks from the Weaklings for the majority of 2006 to promote the album, but Stevie quit before our East Coast tour in the Fall. We then recruited Alan and recorded our new record "Teen Bop Dream" with producer Pat Kearns of Exploding Hearts fame.


Saturday Everyday

Written By: Jorgenson

Saturday Everyday OK!

Strollin' down the avenue
Never really had a clue
Always knew I'd rather be with you
City lights are too bright for me
Seeing things I don't wanna see
Sometimes life just stares you in the face
But you gotta stare . . .

BACK because it's hopeless
ROLLIN' though you hate this
WORKIN' cause you have to
Dance the night away

TRACKS because you can't quit
CASH but you ain't spending it
TRASH is what they call you
Dance your life away

Throwing it all away . . .

Parade around in diamonds
But all they see is dirt
And I never said that words they didn't hurt
Pick your worth up off the ground
Blocking out the painful sound
Sometimes life just kicks you in the face
But you gotta bounce back

Every night is a Saturday night
Every night for the rest of my life

Bop It Up

Written By: Jorgenson

The skye's the limit and I'm flying high
Get your hand's off me or you're gonna die
In the back of the bus but she don't show up
No she don't show up and I'm gonna throw up my hands
To you and cry

I'm a pill popper baby
Heart stopper baby
Out on the town and I'm lookin for you
I wanna get crazy honey
Spend up all my money
Come on baby let me do it to you
Lemme do it to you


I don't really like you cause you don't make sense
Got my hands up when I'm riding the fence
Crawlin on the ground just to hear a sound
My head's in the speaker but there ain't no sound

And I said I want it louder motherfucker!

Fell in Love at the Arcade

Written By: Jorgenson

I took my baby to the arcade
Man lemme tell you did it we have it made
Flip-floppin on a pinball game
Playing Pac-Man till we rot our brains
And did I mention they have Burger Time?
Hey man, it's Burger Time all the time
Gotta get back get back soon 'for I lose my mind

Fell in Love at the Arcade

Took my baby to a picture show
Man that's a good place for layin' low
Sneakin' sips off her soda pop
I had no money for the snack shop
And did I mention she was lookin' fine?
Oh man, she's lookin' fine all the time
Gotta get back get back soon 'for I lose my mind

Fell in Love at the Picture Show

Then I started thinking
How I'm always sinking
Deeper and deeper into love
Everywhere we go
Everything we do
Well it's L-O-V-E
You and me


"Stiletto" EP - Red Light Records 2005
"Write Home" LP - Full Breach Kicks 2006
"Teen Bop Dream" LP - Coming July 2007

Set List

Our sets have a maximum of 7 songs and usually go from 30 to 40 minutes.

Saturday Everyday
Mona (Stay Away)
Memory Lane
Put On Your Tight Pants (Ike & Tina Cover)
Another Cigarette Ends
Bop It Up
The Soda Pop Sting