The Soirée

The Soirée


The Soirée takes influences from alt-country, post-pop, rock, and folk, and combines them to construct unique and catchy songs that stay with the listener long after the music stops.


For the past three years, The Soirée have been honing their songwriting skills and quietly making a name for themselves in Ottawa's burgeoning indie-rock community. What started out as a songwriting project has turned into a serious affair that sees the band releasing their musically ambitious first full-length recordentitled "birds".

Recorded over the course of a year at Little Bullhorn Studios with producer Dave Draves (Howe Gelb, Julie Doiron, Kathleen Edwards), The Soirée took their time to delicately capture the intricate layers of sound that have made their live appearances so notable. While the songs are firmly rooted in the traditions of pop music, experiments with instrumentation and song structures are present throughout the album. Melodies are woven seamlessly through voice and
instrumentation, creating full, deep sonic textures that never abandon the pop sensibilities that are at the core of the songs.

In 2004 The Soirée released a self-titled, hand-assembled EP which reached #42 on the national Campus/Community Radio (!earshot) chart
despite limited distribution. The Soirée have shared the stage with bands such as Kepler, Islands, Snailhouse, Jon-Rae & the River.
Suitable musical comparisons and influences include The Sea & Cake, Wilco, The Wooden Stars, and Royal City.

Matthew Arnold (bass, vocals) and Bryce Colenbrander (guitar, vocals) (also a member of The Soft Disaster) have been writing songs and
playing music together since 1995. Eric Roberts (percussion) and Bryce met while attending the University of Guelph in 1997, and after lending many records back and forth Eric became a regular at the sporadic practices. In 2002 the three found themselves in the same city once again, and decided to get organized. Mike Armstrong (guitar,
piano) was added, bringing a whole new dimension to the developing songs, and triggering a shift from a distinctly country tendency,towards a richer and more diverse blend of sounds. The current configuration of The Soirée was here established, and it continues to experiment with songs and sounds, creating music and singing their
hearts out.


"birds" 2006
Debut Full Length

The Soirée EP 2004
"Airplane" reaching #42 on canadian campus/community radio charts, and remained on the charts for 5 months.

Songs available at and

Set List

Typically 6 to 8 songs...about 45 minutes.

Turn This Car Around
On For Good
Breaking Rank
Dead In The Water
Goodnights Sleep
Coldest Day On Record
Clear & Colourblind