The Solid

The Solid


Heavy rock with melodic vocals and killer songs, The Solid is four stellar musicians with an eye on the Gold.


And from THE SOLID comes Arrivals and Departures, the debut 5-song EP which draws on influences such as The Cult, Zakk Wylde, Guns and Roses and all Solid Rock known thus far. The songs are heavy and melodic, with Brian Hagman’s powerful vocal presence and image-rich lyrics creating truly captivating songs.

Drummer Clementine and Guitarist Justin Caucutt met on Halloween 2008. A founding member of the NYC stonerrock band BOTTOM, in recent years Clementine developed her craft in first San Francisco’s AC/DSHE, and currently in ZEPPARELLA, the SF Zeppelin powerhouse. Looking to use this classic education in a new original project, she met Justin at a time when he was making a move from drumset to guitar. From Alaska via Denver, Justin drummed in BAKERS DOZEN for 10 years as well as being a sought- fter session player.

Justin’s classic riffs and Clementine’s heavy-footed drumming find the perfect match in Greg Randolph’s bass playing. Multi-instrumentalist Randolph laid it down in stonerrock outfit GREENHOUSE EFFECT, as well as shredding guitar in GRISSOM. He adds his heavy melodic and rhythmic sense to both THE SOLID low end and the songwriting, and the trio has quickly solidified an album’s worth of songs.

Brian Hagman has been Denver’s prized heavy rock frontperson for 10 years in BLACK LAMB. Winning Denver’s 2004 Westword Best of… award for Best Frontman, and Best Drone/Stoner Metal Band for the last three years, he brings his stellar power, lyrics and stage presence to THE SOLID.

“Crooning like some three-headed clone of Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Astbury and Glenn Danzig, Hagman prances through a veritable minefield of thunder-conjuring, sludgeboogie riffs with a derangement that borders on outright bloodlust. Nothing short of a mushroom cloud could tear your eyes off Hagman's force-of-nature performance.” Denver Westword

The Solid heads to the stage in July 2009, with dates through the end of the year on the West Coast. Keep an eye on this rising star.


Hoop (Earring)

Written By: Brian Hagman

See What Walks
Short Legs in Mud
Broken and Taken
Some Other Rose

All the Sin in the World
For Some Prudish Son
He Would Put Her Down
When He's Done

She Just Wanna Dance!

And, She... Won't Be
Lead, or Gold
Every Little Thing
That You Want Her to Be
Is Some Other Rose

Ooh- Ahh
That's Just the Way it Is!
Ooh- Ahh
So Bring it Down to Me!

Blood Is Gonna Boil
Percolating in Her Maiden Hips
Hoop Earrings Sway
Her Neck Blesses a Crucifix

She Just Wanna Dance
Don't Need Your Ill-Gotten Gifts
She... Never Took It Away!
YOU Wasted It!

Ooh Ahh
And Let the Choir Sing!

She! Just Wanna Dance!
She! Just Wanna Dance!

The Rich Girl and The Ranch Hand

Written By: Brian Hagman

Up on the Hilltop
with your 1000 dollar doors
Opened up your daughter
and she came home wearing my clothes
Out on the property
there are no four-poster-beds
Baby, are you warm enough?
Yes, was all that she said...

Stars so bright
That the Moon wants to be
Left alone
She left just like a runaway
But, Baby, You're Home
Say Goodbye to a Happy Man

Silk-Bow, a lock of hair
to watch me ride away
A well of tears
and "please come back to me someday"
Money, and luxury,
my novelty wears off
She might remember me
when she sees them tend her crops

So, you're wanted in heaven and living in hell
Take your vice, your victory
and, never do tell
Say Goodbye to a Happy Man

The View, Must Be Beautiful.
And I Know Down Here, That It's Pretty Too.
And I Know the View, Must Be Beautiful.
And I Know Down Here, That It's Pretty Too.
And I Know the View, Must Be Beautiful.
Oh, What'd They do to You?

You wanted it all
But, you got it all old
Spending years without a doubt anymore
Sink it down to level so you can see
That House on The Hilltop
Eye-level with me
Say Goodbye to a Happy Man....


Arrivals and Departures, 5-song EP

Set List

1 hour of pure original rock and roll.