The Sol Res Experience

The Sol Res Experience


Our music is not just about formal harmony and melody, but about contributing to the harmony and melody of people's lives. We view our music as ministry, and therefore therapy to the sick at heart, or to the weary soul. We create the kind of good music that you can hear and feel.


Songwriters ShamekaLachelle & Doc Fantom began collaborating in music in 2004 when they met at Doc's best friend's wedding. She was the wedding singer and he was a groomsman. They started out with tracks that Doc had written with ShamekaLachelle adding the lyrics and the vocals. That working relationship evolved into a friendship and then into a marriage in 2011. Their musical influences include Kirk Franklin, Donny Hathaway, & Anita Baker. Production influences include Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Trevor Horn & Quincy Jones. Although the positive message is clear, ShamekaLachelle & Doc Fantom are always striving to find the groove and to the leave the listener in a better place mentally and spiritually. The Sol Res Experience which encompasses their songwriting and production projects, has a dual meaning. The first meaning is a direct reference to the resurrection of Christ as well as the group's musical goal of helping resurrect weary souls. ShamekaLachelle also performs as a solo artist.


"The Time Is Now-EP" ShamekaLachelle Dec 2013