hard to define: strictly original


THE SOMNAMBULIST is a Berlin-based trio in which western art-punk meets ancient and arabic music, and experimental songwriting crosses contemporary improvisation.
Their music is a kaleidoscopic labyrinth constructed of kinetic sculptures and intersecting planes of conflicting meanings, once populated by weird and slippery characters struggling with unintelligible situations: subject to any interpretation, their songs are the picture of a subtle and incandescent mood.

"Moda Borderline" was THE SOMNAMBULIST’s debut album, recorded in August 2009 and released by Acid Cobra Records in 2010, which received a great feedback from audience and magazines.
In 2011 the band writes and performs live in Bordeaux an original soundtrack for the 1927 German silent movie "Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt" directed by Walther Ruttmann, on commission by Centre Jean Vigo and Goethe Institut.
Acid Cobra released on September 19th 2011 Live in Berlin, a selection of six tracks taken from three and a half hours of live recordings made on stage in 2010 by THE SOMNAMBULIST with the involvement of several known musicians of the Berlin’s music scene as special guests.


Moda Borderline, CD [Acid Cobra, 2010]
Live in Berlin, digital [Acid Cobra, 2011]
Sophia Verloren, scheduled for release in 2012

"Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt" by Walther Ruttmann, 1927 [Centre Jean Vigo / Goethe Institut, 2011]