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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Gig history"

07.12.11 Berlin (DE) - Schokoladen
18.11.11 Berlin (DE) - HBC
15.11.11 Leipzig (DE) - Zoro
12.11.11 Berlin (DE) - Tiefgrund
09.11.11 Berlin (DE) - Zur Möbelfabrik
07.11.11 Jena (DE) - Café Wagner
24.09.11 Genève (CH) - RECORD RELEASE PARTY at Fête de la Ciguë
05.06.11 Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena, IT) - Jeka
04.06.11 Terni (IT) - Centro Palmetta
03.06.11 Castiglione del Lago (Perugia, IT) - 909 Café
02.06.11 Roma (IT) - Conte Staccio
01.06.11 Arezzo (IT) - Bistro
31.05.11 Massa Carrara (IT) - Tago Mago
29.05.11 Parma (IT) - Giovane Italia
28.05.11 S.Martino Spino (Modena, IT) - Musica nelle Valli Festival
10.05.11 Bordeaux (FR) - Cineconcèrt "Berlin - Die Sinfonie der Großstadt" at BT59
16.04.11 Leipzig (DE) - LiWi
14.04.11 Berlin (DE) - White Trash
12.03.11 Berlin (DE) - Schokoladen
05.03.11 Marmande (FR) - Buffet de la Gare
04.03.11 Bordeaux (FR) - Wunderbar
03.03.11 Clermont-Ferrand (FR) - Hotel des Vils
01.03.11 Genève (CH) - KAB Usine
27.02.11 Basel (CH) - Café Hammer
26.02.11 Saint-Imier (Bern , CH) - Espace Noir
25.02.11 Neuchâtel (CH) - Bar King
19.02.11 Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena, IT) - Sonar
16.02.11 Sovicille (Siena, IT) - Serpe Regolo
12.02.11 Copertino (Lecce, IT) - I Sotterranei
11.02.11 Caivano (Napoli, IT) - Auditorium Arte
10.02.11 Roma (IT) - Dal Verme
03.11.10 Berlin (DE) - Theaterkapelle
23.10.10 Nice (FR) - Le Volume
22.10.10 Marseille(FR) - La Machine à Coudre
21.10.10 Montpellier (FR) - Up & Down
20.10.10 Privas (FR) - Le Point B'Art
19.10.10 Paris (FR) - L'International
18.10.10 Tours (FR) - Les Joullins
17.10.10 Mâcon (FR) - Le Machine à Coudre
16.10.10 Genève (CH) - L'Ilôt 13
15.10.10 Besançon (FR) - Les Passagers du Zinc
14.10.10 Vevey (CH) - Le Bout Du Monde
13.10.10 Annecy (FR) - Le Brise Glace
09.10.10 Berlin (DE) - Atelier Alain Hérard
08.10.10 Berlin (DE) - Secret Show
28.05.10 Berlin (DE) - RECORD RELEASE PARTY at Antje Øklesund
18.05.10 Berlin (DE) - Riemengast 1.3 Antje Øklesund
06.05.10 Berlin (DE) - Riemengast 1.3 Antje Øklesund
13.04.10 Berlin (DE) - Antje Øklesund
28.03.10 Vevey (CH) - Le Bout Du Monde
27.03.10 Lausanne (CH) - Espace Autogéré
26.03.10 Genève (CH) - L'Écurie
25.03.10 Genève (CH) - Pachinko
22.03.10 Leiden (NL) - SUB071
21.03.10 Amsterdam (NL) - iLLUSEUM
19.03.10 Eindhoven (NL) - Temporary Art Center
17.03.10 Berlin (DE) - Secret Show
26.02.10 Berlin (DE) - Trickster
06.11.09 RECORD PRE-RELEASE PARTY in Berlin at Antje Øklesund
26.10.09 Rostock (DE) - Momo Cafe
10.10.09 Berlin (DE) - Yuma Bar
11.07.09 Berlin (DE) - Wendel
10.07.09 Berlin (DE) - Tee- und Kunsthaus Tschaikowsky
09.07.09 Berlin (DE) - Arcanoa
08.07.09 Berlin (DE) - Intersoup
20.06.09 Berlin (DE) - Madame Claude
09.05.09 Tilburg (NL) - Hall Of Fame
08.05.09 Amsterdam (NL) - iLLUSEUM
07.05.09 Rotterdam (NL) - Exit
24.04.09 Berlin (DE) - Subito
21.03.09 Stuttgart (DE) - Zwölfzehn | with TV Lumière
20.03.09 Berlin (DE) - Antje Øklesund | with TV Lumière
31.01.09 Berlin (DE) - Le Petit Laboratoire
15.01.09 Berlin (DE) - O Tannenbaum
13.01.09 Berlin (DE) - Wendel
09.01.09 Berlin (DE) - Madame Claude
21.06.08 Berlin (DE) - Kohlenquelle -

"Press Quotes"

“I am struck by the happy combination of strength and freedom of expression: the desire to give life to a high impact proposal without sacrificing sonic inspiration, alienating invention, the unusual situation.”

“An album that flies high and leaves you on tenterhooks. A discovery to be made unhesitatingly”

“Like a score ready to be played in a cemetery or at the entrance of a brothel, the eight tracks of this album are simply astonishing.”

“Rock and New Wave fill with mysticism. A trip which charms you so as to better kill you then. This band is as seducer as it’s dangerous.”
La MagicBox

“Romantic and insidious, vehement and dark, of a preciousness both thoughtful and wild.”

“A simple and essential message: Pop can also hide under melting lava and tectonic plates.”
À decouvrir absolutement

“The melodic structures are surprising, sometimes soaring, sometimes dark, wavering between Gothic and Balkan music.”
Sound Of Violence

“Bellicose and obsessive, it leads and uppercuts while you indulge in a guilty hippietude.”
Concert And Co.

“A singular and captivating album.”
Pertes e Fracas

“A must for anyone who likes to be emotionally shaken.”
Nouvelle Vague

“A thunderclap in the face, in the sense of love at first sight.”

“An answer to the dilemma: can we still write great songs in 2010?”
Osservatori Esterni

“An album of great elegance, captivating and subtle: they look like no other.”
Indie Rock Mag

“A luminous landscape: as inspired as competent, they hold a power which is shared by few.”
- various

"Music is boring?"

A week later I saw three bands which will never drop into the mainstream genre. I think that is fabulous. It was the Berlin concert of Gentlemen & Assassins who got Love Lanes and The Somnambulist to play with them at HBC, Berlin. It was one of those evenings where I can’t really describe the music I heard. […] And The Somnambulist? I have no idea. Someone asked me afterwards how I liked them and kept staring, thinking about it, trying to find the words that would fit. Or even make up my mind about them. Half of their show I liked them and the other half I didn’t have any clue what happened on this stage. That’s good, or not? Drums, violin, crazy guitarist/singer. The violinist also played the theremin. I love theremin - it such a weird and wonderful instrument. I am amazed by the way it is played and it’s sound. One thing that stuck in my head is how the singer said (among other words I forgot) that “Music is boring”. I am pretty sure he meant it in a way that music is boring if it always just follow the mainstream or it depends of what you make of it. So, in a way I fully agree to it. - Geschichten von der Heilewelt


Moda Borderline, CD [Acid Cobra, 2010]
Live in Berlin, digital [Acid Cobra, 2011]
Sophia Verloren, scheduled for release in 2012

"Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt" by Walther Ruttmann, 1927 [Centre Jean Vigo / Goethe Institut, 2011]



THE SOMNAMBULIST is a Berlin-based trio in which western art-punk meets ancient and arabic music, and experimental songwriting crosses contemporary improvisation.
Their music is a kaleidoscopic labyrinth constructed of kinetic sculptures and intersecting planes of conflicting meanings, once populated by weird and slippery characters struggling with unintelligible situations: subject to any interpretation, their songs are the picture of a subtle and incandescent mood.

"Moda Borderline" was THE SOMNAMBULIST’s debut album, recorded in August 2009 and released by Acid Cobra Records in 2010, which received a great feedback from audience and magazines.
In 2011 the band writes and performs live in Bordeaux an original soundtrack for the 1927 German silent movie "Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt" directed by Walther Ruttmann, on commission by Centre Jean Vigo and Goethe Institut.
Acid Cobra released on September 19th 2011 Live in Berlin, a selection of six tracks taken from three and a half hours of live recordings made on stage in 2010 by THE SOMNAMBULIST with the involvement of several known musicians of the Berlin’s music scene as special guests.