The Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty


A mysterious blend of rock, funk, and dub with a deep groove. High energy with a highly textred sound brought about by electronic devices and loop machines. Bright lead vocals with lyrics anyone can relate to.


A shared appreciation of touch-screen electronic devices, hermetic Chinese learning and pretentious rhythmic patterns brought The Song Dynasty hurtling together in early 2009 - in the midst of post-post-colonialist Shanghai, a land of simmering artistic potential.

Guitar, voice, keyboard, melodica, electronic gadgetry, vocal trumpet and a poorly (and thankfully infrequently) played tambourine fit snugly in the hands of three musicians dedicated to producing bilingual odd-time signature music that grooves hard.

Lyrically, The Song Dynasty carefully document such life-defining events as being insulted repeatedly by brazen 8-year-old Chinese girls, the profound perspective changes required to live meaningfully in China and painfully personal contact with sleazebag French tennis instructors.

The band can be found undulating wildly in the smoky corners of jazz cafes, sprawled thoughtfully on park benches, and blissfully enveloped in the collective energy of Shanghai’s many welcoming jam nights.


2011 - "All That's Keeping You Here" LP