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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Alternative




"The Sonic Universe is a registered trademark in different classes"

The Sonic Universe has been successful in registering a trademark for 3 classes. After conferences with the legal department of Sega of America and Sega's headquarters, Arndt was able to peacefully secure the trademark for his band. Sonic Universe is also a comic book licensed through Sega. - USPTO

"New Music Review"

By marrying his cosmic vision to a more grounded rock sound, Arndt achieves some intriguing moments. "Love Beyond The Room"'s psych-pop floats atop a luxuriant current of optimism. "Love Is A Jet Stream" reminds us of NIN with its voice-and-drum-machine setup. "Ignite The Light" celebrates living in the moment with an infectious singalong "Na Na Na Na Ommmmmm..." that works. This is a pure artistic statement from a modern-day space-hippy who might widen his appeal with judicious song sculpting and deeper attention to percussion. - Music Connection

"Alex Arndt Receives Songwriting Credit"

Alex Arndt was recognized by producer Tony Tarantino. Alex is now credited for his composition of the original melody for "So in Love with You" by Tony Tarantino.
September 2005 - So In Love With You

"Imperial Beach International Film Festival"

Alex Arndt's band Hot Stash and Evan Hesse entertained the crowd at the Imperial Beach International Film Festival's gala reception at Seacoast Fitness Center on Saturday night. Evan Hesse, Alex Arndt, Andrew McNally and Andrew Heine were shown playing in a photo by Nina McDonald.
Saturday, September 11, 2004

... Another feature of the film festival was a nod to local musicians. "Evan Hesse and Hot Stash" entertained partygoers with flamenco-influenced acoustic rock. Hesse later said that they appreciated the chance to showcase their music and were approached by several people afterwards enquiring as to future gigs for the band. "I sold several of our CDs and I think we received some good exposure," he said. ... - "Eagle & Times" newspaper

"FOX News with Alex Arndt"

Nichelle, an News Reporter for Los Angeles FOX 5 questioned Alex about his fanbase. After a humorous interview, Alex did a live performance of his upcoming single, "Imagination" for viewers. Monday, Oct 10, 2005 - FOX News Los Angeles

"ABC News with Alex Arndt"

James Quinones, an anchor for San Diego's KGTV Ch. 10 ABC told viewers about a professional performer, Alex Arndt. ABC News shot video footage of Alex playing a favorite song, "Imagination." The entire live audio performance of the song was also captured and played in the background of the news cast that night. For this footage, go to (when the website opens up).
Saturday, Aug. 6th, 2005 - ABC News Ch. 10 and 15

"FOX News with Alex Arndt"

Kevin Bolinger, an News Reporter for Las Vegas KVVU-TV FOX 5 interviewed Alex. Then Alex played "Oh Well," a new touching song off his upcoming album. Monday, Oct 10, 2005. - FOX News Las Vegas

"Alex Arndt, Singer-Songwriter"

By Lauren Proctor

Self taught singer and songwriter Alex Arndt fuses a musical repertoire reflective of his diverse background. Drawing on his experiences playing in a punk metal band, a reggae band, and a flamenco infused rock band, Arndt plays music that doesn’t conform the mold of any specific genre of music.

Instead, Arndt produces a sound all of his own. He isn’t afraid to venture from one side of the musical spectrum to the other when his songs smoothly sway from showing their southwestern influences to a slower, more pure and acoustic sounding cadence. He also experiments with more standard rock sounds, then switches away from them with an unannounced and brilliant transition to a sound that resembles Sublime’s ska surfer punk sound.

Arndt’s most innovative track, “Rusty Guitar,” gives the listener an idea of the expansive genres he’s able to cover. The song eases the listener in with a slow melody, then speeds up and ultimately slows again. These transitions in sound show up with perfect timing.

Arndt’s music is energetic and full of life. It’s impossible to listen to his music and sit still. His most addictive track, “Mama and Maria” features his spicy Latin sound contagious enough to salsa with.

Arndt has an appealing way of utilizing his voice and lyrics to match his melodies and evoke a mood. His lyrics and voice fit naturally with the music, as if one couldn’t exist without the other.

Arndt continues to pursue his solo career but he’s also teaming up with other artists to play. His solo performances, which mostly take place in San Diego, are intimate and vivacious. If lucky enough to catch one of his performances, his stage presence is appealing and his passion for music is apparent.

See article:
June 2006
- Northeast In-Tune Magazine

""Honourable Mention" in the Singer/Songwriter Awards"

The judges of the Singer/Songwriter Awards bestow Alex Arndt an "Honourable Mention" for his song, "Oh Well" in their 2006 Awards. - We Are Listening

"Malibu Music Awards Sonicbids Finalist"

Alex Arndt was a finalist in the Malibu Unplugged Contest on Sonicbids. Alex received an award at the Malibu Music Awards on Sept. 25, 2010. - Malibu Music Awards

"Alex Arndt E.P. Review"

These are light rock tracks recorded and performed with good energy and experience. The song writing is excellent and the instrumentation adds depth to the disc. This melody based singer songwriter formats and puts together these tracks with talent and well planned verse and chorus sections. Very radio friendly tracks all the way through. The vocals are a great fit for the material and the progressions are very catchy. The mix is done very well. Excellent balance of instrumentation though the disc as a whole, sounds slightly thin. Good production as well. This band is all around good rock songs with a lighter touch. Excellent songs from beginning to end.

-A&R Select - A&R Select

"Alex Arndt in the Sonicbids EPK Spotlight"

Alex Arndt was placed in the EPK Spotlight on the main page for for the week of Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2007. -

"San Diego's FM 94.9"

"Alex's music is perfect for sitting on the beach watching the sun go down on a beautiful summer day." -Tim Pyles, FM 94.9

Alex has been featured on San Diego's premier music radio station FM 94.9 several times in 2006 and 2007
*Alex Arndt was the Local Member of the Day on Wed. Dec. 6, 2006. He was publicized throughout the day and at around 8pm his song, Mama and Maria, cowritten by Evan Hesse, was spun in addition to the DJ giving listeners an overview of Alex Arndt's persona.
*Then on Sun. Jan. 14, 2007 around 9pm, Alex's band performed three songs live in the FM 94.9 studios in San Diego. During the program Alex was interviewed by Tim Pyles and some of Alex's other master recordings were spun.
- Tim Pyles (Radio DJ)

"The Sonic Universe's Alex Arndt touring Asia again in Sept. 2015"


Contact: Alex Arndt

Company: The Sonic Universe


Email Address:

Tel. No.: 440-ALEX-ARNDT (440-253-9276)

The Sonic Universe gets another taste of Asia in September 2015 with shows night after night in Japan. Catch this cosmic wave at some of Tokyo's hottest live houses. See the tour schedule for up to date info.

For those who have been following Alex on his YouTube page, you can see previous performances in Japan. It is expected they will be in Japan from September 10 to 13 and possibly more dates.

Alex Arndt and the previous performances of The Sonic Universe can be found on Alex’s YouTube page at while the upcoming performances in Japan can be found at -


Still working on that hot first release.



"By marrying his cosmic vision to a more grounded rock sound, Arndt achieves some intriguing moments!" - Music Connection

Arndt and his Sonic mates perform primarily at USA clubs, theaters, and festivals. The Sonic Universe almost mimics a rising Pink Floyd experience with synced up projections and light shows. 

In between band practices, writing, recording, and playing shows with his band, The Sonic Universe, Alex Arndt is also sharing his message with other parts of the planet with routine shows in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the UK.  Arndt actually has a Tokyo band whom he's toured with on five different occasions in Japan so far.

How it all began: While attending a songwriting conference, Arndt met his soul-collaborator, Kay Glynn. Arndt and Glynn simply had a musical chemistry; Alex came up with an inspiring melody and chord progression and together the two craftily fit in the lyrics. With the help of Kevin Fisher, a songwriter, studio engineer, and producer in San Pedro, CA, Arndt and Glynn produced a dynamic, spiritual, concept album, called "Sonic Paradigm." The title track thematically begins and ends the album with the words, "Leave your body, free your soul, in this moment, you can step into a sonic paradigm."

Alex Arndt & The Sonic Universe presents EclectroRock that reveals both compassion and energy, distinctiveness and accessibility. The songs show the heart of thoughtful songwriters that doesn't self-censor and believe in emotional honesty. The music is full of melody and hooks, tempered with intelligence and unique creativity. This music shows how songs can be both pop-friendly yet imbued with artistic integrity.

Every Emotion Possible

Music is everything to me, says Arndt. And why shouldn't it be? It's the ultimate musical expression and somebody with the pure musical talent of Arndt should feel an intimate kinship with music. Indeed, his very personal relationship with song comes across in his music, drawing in the listener and making him a part of the rainbow of emotional experiences summed up in Arndt's songwriting. Music lets me feel every emotion possible. It's a universal experience focused into bursts of human creativity and conjured in moments of time and space. Since music is made from vibrations of everything in the universe, everyone can understand it on some level. Music is passion flowing through my veins.

Non-Contrived Inspiration

Arndt understands that for songs to have true identity and distinguish themselves from a big music industry comprised of everything from the best to the worst (Arndt's analysis of the realm of music), that the creator has to allow the inspiration to flow freely without trying to artificially bend it. I am coming from the point of view where I am just writing from pure, non-contrived inspiration. The money means nothing to me. The music is everything. Just ask anyone who's heard Arndt's songwriting. They'll tell you they feel the same thing. The music is everything.


Music is an emotional being. Arndt understands that and makes sure that each and every time, emotional value is at the foundation of his songwriting. His tunes are wrapped around emotional expression, the coalescing in artistic form of the human feeling. I find inspiration in my emotions. He also understands that the key to those emotions is understanding that they are a reflection of the world that surrounds a person. It's how the environment around me makes me feel at any given moment, he says.

The Artist at Work

Alex has performed at such hot spots as the University of Chicago, Las Vegas' House of Blues, The Key Club, The Viper Room, The Knitting Factory, Highland Grounds and Fais Do Do in Los Angeles, Whitlow's on Wilson in DC, Boston's Harpers Ferry, Eugene's Cozmic Pizza and many more. He has been a featured Spotlight artist on and has been reviewed by Music Connection, Malibu Chronicle, Northeast In-Tune Magazine, Great American Song Contest, Nashville Songwriters Association International, Papercut Records, and Enfuse Magazine. Alex also was the recipient of an honorable mention in the Singer/Songwriter Awards for his song Oh Well.

Alex Arndt and his band performed live on San Diego's FM 94.9 (on or Alex has also performed live on FOX and ABC news stations in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, he has been quoted and sited in music articles in the Chicago Sun-Times, the San Diego Union Tribune, and the Los Angeles CityBeat, and has done live radio interviews in San Diego, Chicago and Baltimore. Arndt also received credit for writing the original composition of the vocal melody for "So In Love With You" by Director, Tony Tarrantino.

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