the sons of birches

the sons of birches


Barn Burnin' traditional string music. Americana and bluegrass are melded and forged into a gritty honkey tonkey blues meltdown that will get the hillbilly's dancing.


The Birches were planted on the rocky shores of Lake Superior in 2005, because 4 rambling souls decided to get together and pick a fury of soul into the ears of onlookers. Their Thunder Bay staple was opening for every folk act they ran into that was passing through the Bay; the Webber Brothers, Andrew Neville and the Poor Choices, Romi Mayes, United Steelworkers of Montreal, and the Divorcees. Besides official 'venues', the Birches will play any street corner, bus, rodeo, abandoned honkey tonk, back alley, van, or cigarette factory.

Our Influences:

Old Crow Medicine Show
North Mississippi Allstars
Hank Williams
Townes Van Zandt
Jerry Douglass
Gillian Welsh
the Webber Brothers
the Band


the Boss Gobbler Sessions 6 song EP

Set List

Originals include crusty numbers like: Heavy drinkin woman, Cold as ice, You aint' gettin mine, Drove himself off the highway, These are all of course house hold names.

We really play a lot of music that is older than old; music that no one can really be sure who wrote. We take these songs , but they end up sounding unique to the band.