the sons of katie elder

the sons of katie elder


Like Noel Gallagher driving a Cadillac through the country , listening to Mogwai...


Solidified just under a year ago by childhood friends Johnny West and Greg Andren, The Sons Of Katie Elder (TSOKE) was dreamt up out of a shared love of contemporary bands like My Morning Jacket, Wilco and The National and a deep seeded respect for the classic acts including Dylan, Springsteen and The Rolling Stones.
Like so many bands before them, at TSOKE's heart is the powerful and at times, powerfully competitive relationship between two different people drawn together musically, where Greg is the dry witted loudmouth and Johnny is the pensive giant.
It is this duality that shines through in their music which is at once playful yet heartfelt, that is as informed by the brash swagger of Oasis as it is by the measured, poetic songwriting of Townes Van Zant and the Go-Betweens.

This five track demo recorded by Damian Press (guitarist for Expatriate) at his Ginsberg Studios in Sydney's inner west, is by no means meant to be a definitive recording of the group, but merely a snapshot of the bands first steps......


home recordings 2007-2009
ginsberg tapes July 2007
demo 2008

tracks from most recent demo on our myspace

Set List

1. Have You Ever Heard a Bluebird Sing The Blues
2. These Streets
3. Last Happy Silence
4. Up All Night
5. Paper Ships
6. Cheap Hotel
7. Nightwish
8. Broken Hearted Few
9. Riders
10. Broken Towns
11. Five More Minutes
12. Rosebud
13. Silver City Blues
14. Comes Around

Our sets depend on the gig obviously...ranging from 45 min to an hour generally...