The Sons Of Thunder

The Sons Of Thunder

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we are a revamping of the old but with a new flavor. We have melodic flows, speed and a cool sound that puts you in the mood for that real Hip-Hop.


We are from the Inland Empire in sunny Southern California. Our influences range from De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Abstract Rude Aceylaone, 2MEX, J-Dilla R.I.P, Kankick, Living Legends, and many many more. What sets us apart from other grouops is our love for the music. WE love Hip-hop to the fullest and we represent that on each and every track. We are not trying to sound like anyone else we are what we are, so enjoy...and be ready for more.


As of now not yet but we are getting ready to release our first album The Chronicles of Monster-6ix.