The Sort

The Sort


Melodic, articulated, rock with edgy female vox, a heavy-handed rhythm section, cheerfully cynical lyrics, and plenty of volume.


Richmond, Va rock outfit The Sort formed early in 2006, starting as an intimate musical exchange of ideas between guitarist Clark Fraley and vocalist Laura Thomas, both formerly of Richmond's premier Atari-rock band, Rockbot. Songs began to fall together as effortlessly as teenagers in love, and the two created a string of demo tracks in Clark's home studio. It wasn't long before the itch to share these songs with every smoky bar in the world struck the pair, and the search for an eager rhythm section began. It didn't take long to recruit bassist Jon Bone (ex Lazycain), and drummer Briant Murphy (ex Sau, The Tori). By late spring, the foursome had begun to play shows in and around the area. The group completed its lineup in Fall 2006 with the addition of second guitarist Steve Burner, also formerly of Rockbot.

The Sort's sound is both melodic and brutal. Razor sharp guitars take turns with urgent, exacting lyrics to keep the songs just close enough to the edge to feel the dizziness, yet far enough away from it to get stuck in your head. Beneath the lively and dynamic layers and layers of head-bob-worthy rock, the vocals are as moody and secretive as they can be while remaining decidedly filled to the brim with emotional snobbery.

The Sort's live show demonstrates the height of the band's energy, without jeopardizing the subtle idiosycrasies of their songcraft. Crushing drums make love to driving bass while guitars squeal merrily and Laura ends a line with one of those Tori Amos meets Craig Wedren vocal peculiarities. The band is excited to play just about anywhere and are happily making their local rounds, playing at almost every allowable venue in Richmond, including Alleykatz and The Canal Club, and venturing up I-95 to play at old favorites such as popular DC rock dive, The Velvet Lounge.

In the Summer of 2006, The Sort was approached and asked to be the subject of a HDTV show episode in a series featuring local bands. This series was sponsored by and will be released through Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in December 2006, when it will air on PBS. The episode includes live show footage, practice footage, and studio footage, as well as group and individual interviews.

The Sort has recorded a four-song demo CD at Black Iris studios in Richmond, Va, lovingly referred to as "The Experimental Pillowtalk EP", and their full length album, tentatively titled "Resentment, Despair, and Other Amusements" is scheduled to be self-released in late August.



Written By: Lauralam Thomas

Thursday –

The worst day of my life
I had to call out sick
And you know,
I’d never feel this way
Hey hey
If you weren’t the one I picked

But I’m on my own tonight.
And I’m on my own forever evidentally.
And I know you don’t feel much of anything
But it’s not like that for me.

How do I get to your open arms?
Some sex could do no harm.
It could do no harm.
At least I know there’s one part of me
You still want.
One part of me that you still love.
I have something that you want.


Lie and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies
Lies and lies and lies and lies.
Lies and lies and life’s a lie and lies and lies.
Lies and lies.


Written By: Lauralam Thomas


Mulled over
Pretty girl
Pity girl

He makes himself a bet
While he smokes his cigarette –
Those variables will be easy to get!

It’s Sion, yeah Sion plays the game –
He broke you down in small amounts
Within a single day.

It’s Sion, yeah Sion takes the cake –
He left you there and could not care

Shining Eyes
Turns to X
Equals Sex.
Smile Big
Empty World.
Y cannot
Equal girl.

And I’d have to agree
Because he learned it all from me
And I set him up intentionally.


Experimental Pillowtalk EP (2006)

Resentment, Despair, and Other Amusements (in production, sheduled for release Aug 2007)

Set List

Set list varies, depending on mood, timeframe, crowd, etc.

Minus One
From My Fingers
Nothing At All
One More Sip
Apology in G Minor
Your Song
Faking It
Over For the Last Time
Please Return It (Posies Cover)