The Sort Ofs

The Sort Ofs


The Sort Ofs’ unique breed of "Agitprop-Prog-POPulism for the Individual" is an eclectic mix of exposed nerves, catchy melodies, and the thump of hearts beating in a stiff indie world.


The Sort Ofs are Portland duo Chris Robley and John Stewart, augmented by a cast of method actors and showmen (Rachel Taylor Brown, Rob Stroup, Drew Norman), bashing away at their unique breed of "agitprop-prog-POPulism for the individual".

Their debut LP Anxiety on Parade, on Cutthroat Pop Records, was released on March 28, 2006.
The album was recorded in Portland at the Type Foundry with Norfolk and Western's Adam Selzer (Decemberists, M Ward, Kind of Like Spitting) and at 8 Ball Studios with the Baseboard Heaters' Rob Stroup (Scott Fisher, Jacob Van Auken).

Barbara Mitchell of the Portland Tribune hailed the effort, saying, “It’s rare for a band to come out of the gate with a debut as impressive and confident as Anxiety on Parade”.

“Parade is an assured, well-crafted debut. Singer-songwriter Chris Robley's knack for hook-laden melodies finds a perfect companion in John Stewart's drumming, and the songs veer from lush soundscapes to heavier neo-punk pop fare,” claims the Willamette Week.

The Portland Mercury says of the record, “(It) has the coolest Blue Note Records-esque album cover. Inside it's some fun, fun, fun Radioheady, old-school U2y (pre Bono's Jesus of Rock fixation) pop rock kicked out by two very talented Portland guys.”

Throughout the summer they will be aggressively supporting Anxiety on Parade in front of audiences from Bellingham to Eugene. The album has been added to the playlists of many radio stations in the Northwest including KEXP, KUGS, KPSU, KSLC, KDOX, and KBVR as well as The Mountain's Sunday Brunch program(Seattle). Enlist Now!


Head to Head with the Smarts of Our Leisure Pt. 2

Written By: Chris Robley

I’ll be home
I’ll be home
I’ll be home with you
When the bomb finally drops
and we don’t know what to do.
Dominoes, dominoes, dominoes, here we go.

I will do
I will do
I will do my best
To get you through the cellar door
ahead of all the rest.
I’m listening in the dark for when the dominoes all start.

But I might change my mind.

You can sleep
Sound at night
Safe in what I’ve said
That when the world goes to war
You can stay in bed.
Dominoes, dominoes, dominoes, here we go.


Written By: Chris Robley

We can’t hide here anymore
and wait to die
Spring is coming to Valley Forge
Its time to leave

When the white fields are muddy
Thawing from the freeze
Your socks are bloody if you’re lucky
For the rest its frostbitten feet

General Varnum gave the orders
and we went with Washington
To cross the river where the water ran deep
Going in pairs, take the utmost care as we creep
To kill the enemy in their sleep

War, Thank You

Written By: Chris Robley

We made love while the war was on the TV.
It was brought to us commercial free.

We endured shock and awe all night.
The flames were all put out by the dawn’s early light.

Thank you CNN
Thank you CNN
My love on you depends

We broke up when the war was won.
It was over so long before it’d begun.


1. Anxiety on Parade- debut LP (on playlists @ KEXP, KUGS, KPSU, KSLC, KDOX, and KBVR as well as The Mountain's Sunday Brunch program)
2. Enhanced CD-R. promotional item with 3 unreleased tracks, music video, 8 bonus MP3s, extras, etc.

Set List

9-10 originals and 1 cover. 40-60 minutes.