The Soul Brothers

The Soul Brothers

 Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Our music makes people dance? If you're looking to get people off their feet and moving; we're the band for you! We're focused on the groove and getting the crowd to move. The love of music is what brings us together and we want to share that!


The Soul Brothers was founded in 2009 at the University Of New Haven. All the members are currently music majors persuing degrees in Music Industry, Recording, and Performance. The group got together by almost total accident during their second semester of college.

Anthony Abu-Hanna,former drummer of two local bands - Franklin’s Way and Dr. Defibrullator & The Flatliners, met Mike Galgano and decided to start writing material with a different group of people. The music that was written laid some of the ground work for The Soul Brothers and the ideology of the band's music. Luckily for The Soul Brothers, that project fell through, and Anthony knew just the bassist to get.

Ryan Kajtor had been jamming with Anthony on an assortment of different styles of music ranging from latin to ambient to funk and jazz. Mike and Anthony had both previously known Ryan and decided to bring him in as the new bassist for The Soul Brothers and it was a perfect fit. The group instantly clicked and began taking the tunes that Anthony and Mike had written to another level.

With a sound rooted deep in jazz and funk, the band manages to create their own sound. A dirty, raw, funky sound
is just part of this band’s style. They flawlessly mix in reggae, latin, jazz, and pop within their songs. Like foods have a flavor, the songs have their own flair- something that makes each one unique.

Being a band of formally trained musicians, they bring a lot of skill to the table. If you’ve ever seen the band live, you’ll understand why. They enjoy extending jams in their songs, taking turns soloing, and having a great time on stage! Most of all, however, the band loves to make people dance. They want to see people on their feet and moving!

Our influences include: Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R, The Doobie Brothers, Victor Wooten, Rick James, John Mayer, and many others!

Set List

Set includes structured instrumental songs with improvisational parts. Very groove oriented. Sets can extend well over an hour.

We play a lot of our own material, including songs that evolve on the spot and may not be something we've previously written or structured out. Completely improvised evolution of songs can be possible at shows.

Usually a couple of covers are thrown in, including Superfreak by Rick James and Funk 49 by Joe Walsh.