The Soul of John Black

The Soul of John Black


There is simply nothing on the contemporary American music scene quite like The Soul of John Black.


The music has the feel of a tightly integrated band. This self-titled album showcases the work of two musicians, John "JB” Bigham and Christopher "CT” Thomas. The two co-wrote the songs, cut basic tracks and collaborated with a handful of amazing players to complete the body of work. A propulsive groove underlies every track, but on top of that are subtle pop-rock melodies and warm, soulful singing. Most of these thirteen songs could be played on a single acoustic guitar, but the clean, spare arrangements are filled with adroit musical accents like the wailing sax solo on "Supa Killa” or the fuzzed-out slide guitar on "No Mo’.”

Other participants on The Soul of John Black include Keith "Keefus" Ciancia (keyboards), Davey Chegwidden (percussion), Oliver Charles (drums), DJ Kiilu Grand (turntables), and Tracy Wanname (saxophone and flute). Backing vocalists include Cree Summer ("Glorious”), Laura J. Jones ("Honey”), Jonell Kennedy, Fanny Franklin and Audra Nishita. Throughout the album there are hints and overtones of Sly Stone, Neil Young, Al Green, the Velvet Underground, Curtis Mayfield, P-Funk, Love, Jimi Hendrix, and the Isley Brothers. But The Soul of John Black transcends its sources and influences to establish a singular sound of its own.


The Soul Of John Black (No Mayo Records) - 2003